Dear Future President of the United States,

There are so many issues in my community, and country. For example, crimes are being committed by the police and they are supposed to protect and help our community. They have been shooting and killing many innocent black people, and have not yet been punished for their actions. I worry soon my friends and family members will be the next victim.

I think it’s already unfair that in the past Back people had very little money or even homeless! Black kids couldn’t go to the same school as Whites, and even more dumb, they couldn’t go to the same bathroom, drink of the same water fountains, and eat out of the same stores! They had little freedom and I don’t want this to happen again.

I hope that soon police officers and other people understand that Black lives do matter! Thank you Next President, and good luck!



Photo by Sander van der Wel

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March 16, 2018 8:24 pm

Dear Justin,
I think your post on institutional racism and the history of segregation is so important nowadays because while we are living in different times, the issues are still a major problem and thus a cause for deep concern. One thing that you said that stands our for me is when you said “even more dumb, they couldn’t go to the same bathroom, drink the same water fountains, and eat out of the same stores!” For me, as a history teacher and a person of color it is still very difficult to comprehend how deep, deliberate, and hateful the racism in American history has been. It is very unfortunate that people who should feel equally protected feel in danger from those that are supposed to protect them while others have less to fear because of the privilege their race affords them. Despite, the many dark moments in our history, don’t give up hope, because as long as there are students like you who recognize the injustice and advocate for social equity, there will be positive change that can empower us all! Good luck with all future writing. Thank you for sharing.

October 28, 2016 2:30 pm

Dear Justin,
I really like how you structured your writing. I agree with you and I think that they should stop killing innocent black people because soon the black people might not have freedom anymore, and we don’t want that to happen. I am also interested in what you are writing about. I have a connection to your writing because I also wrote about this. Thanks for sharing your writing. I look forward to reading your other post.

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