Stop Hate-Crimes by Aaliyah

March 24, 2021


Stop Hate-Crimes

In the article, “A National Outcry Over Anti-Asian Hate,” Asian-Americans have been dealing with racial slurs and physical violence, some resulting in death as there have been recent shootings.  Ever since the Covid pandemic has occurred, racial discriminations against Asian-Americans have skyrocketed, fearing them for their lives.  Hate crimes have increased as some may blame the pandemic on all of the Asian community which isn’t right in any way.  The government needs to do its best to grant Asian-Americans their rights and stop discrimination.

It is ironic how a generation that says to be more accepting and united is still having racial issues.  That is the society we have today who plan to make a better future for future generations are still creating historical pasts that we try so hard to draw away from.  A pandemic isn’t the fault of a whole race or ethnic group and those who don’t realize that is the downfall of future generations.  The hate crimes need to stop and we need to focus on how to end the pandemic, not find someone to put the blame on.

How can we decrease racial hate crimes?