Dear Teens and Parents,

Have you seen someone drowning? I have and it was horrible to see because the little kid was very scared. For that reason I have decided to write to you today to let you know how dangerous swimming can be and why kids should be supervised at all times while swimming.

As I was doing research I discovered that Drowning is the 3rd leading cause of unintentional injury/death worldwide meaning that many innocent lives are taken because of drownings (Organization).

 This public health issue needs to be solved not only because 320,000 people experience a close to death drowning issue but because some other people aren’t as lucky and some pass away (Organization). The feeling of someone you loved passing away is horrible and a lot of people go through that at least 10 people per day(CDC). This issue has become worldwide and needs to be stopped and maybe you can help make that change. A way to start this change can be by being able to recognize when someone is drowning because as Deborah Ng said in her article,”How to Tell if Someone is Drowning” said, “Drowning can often look like someone is playing in the water. In fact, many people who are drowning aren’t showing obvious signs of distress. They don’t necessarily flail their arms or cry for help, like we see on television”(Ng). And also something that most people don’t know is that “Drowning happens very quickly, but it does take place in stages. The stages can take between 10 and 12 minutes before death occurs” (Watson). The article “Drowning Facts and Safety Precautions” written by Kathryn Watson and reviewed by Kevin Martinez, a health expert, informs people of what they may not know. Though drowning does occur very fast we could have those 10-12 minutes to save the person who is drowning. This information benefits the teens, parents, and anyone seeing this message in general because we all love swimming and we all have family who we love and would look out for.

Not only can this issue take people’s life but it can also mark peoples lives in some way. For example, I created  a survey and I sent  the survey to different people I know from totally different communities and places like Sacramento, San Jose, Concored, and different parts of Oakland to see how this issue has affected their communities and to get some further information about this topic. Here is one of the graphs I made based on the information I got. As you can see in this bar graph the people I asked to do the survey are also from a couple of different ages.

This bar graph is talking about my participants age range and how many drownings they have seen and it is obvious that the 13-15 year olds have see the most drownings

which is why I say that this can mark someone’s life because if they have seen so many drownings in a young age they can have that mentality each time they go swimming and that can cause them to drown too. The article called “8 Common Causes of Drownings Accidents” by Jordan, Herington & Rowley who are Denver personal Injury Lawyer said reasons why people drownings are cause are because of “Inability to swim, Panic in the water, Unattended children, Unattended baths, Falling through ice, Alcohol consumption, Concussions, seizures or heart attacks, Suicide” but one of the most common one are because they have panic in the water.

So to prevent anyone from getting panicked or having to see any more drownings I asked my participants what they thought would be a good way to prevent any more drownings from happening and this is what they said. They think that the best way to prevent any more drownings from happening is to teach people how to swim 23.1% of people said that and the rest of the people said many other things like Always have an adult which is something I would recommend for small kids who don’t understand the issue and other things like use life jackets etc.

Additionally since drownings can cause death and some people enter in shock if they see a person drowning it would be a beneficial idea to teach kids and others how to react to seeing a person drown and as the WebMV  says to do “Get Help. Notify a lifeguard, if one is close, Move the Person. Take the person out of the water, Check for Breathing, Place your ear next to the person’s mouth and nose, If the Person is Not Breathing, Check Pulse, If There is No Pulse, Start CPR, Repeat if Person Is Still Not Breathing”(MD) and to test my participants I asked them what they would do if they saw someone drowning they said the following.

Most people from age 13-18 said that they would rescue the person from drowning and the 18 year olds and older said they would either call for help or/and rescue them. olds and older said they would either call for help or/and rescue them. But something that really surprised me was that most young people said that they rescue the person drowning instead of calling for help which really shows their bravery but then I also asked myself do this people know a lot about drowning so I also asked them what they knew about drownings and this is what they said.

And I think they have pretty good ideas about what drowning can cause which is good but not everyone in this world knows how bad drowning is which has inspired me to write this one in hopes it helped someone and brought awareness to the cause.

Aim #1: Educate Swimmers Virtually

Swimming is fun and all and people say water is unharmful but in reality it can harm people and make them drown and even more than that it can take their lives. That’s why I have decided to create an instagram account dedicated to drownings. There I will post facts about drowning and how to tell if someone is drowning so that people learn and become more aware about these issues.

Aim #2: Educate Swimmers in Person

If we weren’t facing this lockdown in our cities I would have created posters and put them around my school to inform more people about how dangerous swimming can be. The posters would have what to be aware of in the water, how to react if they see someone drown, to not go too deep in the water if they don’t know how to swim, and more about safety.

Aim #3: Educate People with Influencers

If I were to have a lot of money I would get some famous influencers to talk about this serious issue drownings. I would want to get famous influences to talk about this issue because as they have a lot of followers on their social media they could get their followers motivated to help the cause and stop drowning. If there were a famous influence to promote this issue a lot more people would want to do the same.

Therefore, It is important that people learn about drownings because we don’t want any more unintentional deaths caused by drownings and we don’t want to see any more families suffer so well. That is why we have to do something about these drownings we can’t let anymore people suffer we have to be the heros.

Thank you,

        America T.

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