Cars release a very bad gas
Not the gas that comes out your
But something that can possibly kill us
So all the things you love will be gone
No more music or t.v get up and make a
Ride a bike, not a car
You are hurting the world
That we care about and you should care too
No one should have to suffer from asthma
The more you pollute the more people you
The more people are hurt
Those are the ones and they don’t know why
They have
Asthma and that sucks
Ride more bikes
And trust me the world will be
Safe for less air pollution
That we are facing
Car companies take this as
Advice but you know what you are doing is
Wrong you are the reason why our world
face these problems
And people like me are
Down to make change
But your not but it’s whatever
Cause it worth it
Up to us to save the

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May 14, 2019 6:13 pm

Hey Latrell, I am convinced by your poem, ” Stop Bullying the Air”, because you are very persuasive and it is well written. I think this is magnificent and you make very good points. I agree with you and I also believe that cars are releasing harmful gas into the environment. I really like your poem and I can see how passionate you are about helping the environment and making the earth a better place. I also believe people should use bikes more because riding a bike is good for our physical health and bikes don’t release harmful gases into the air. I also believe that we should take more care of the earth and our environment. I also have a blog about helping the earth and I think you might be interested in my blog, you can view my posts at “”.

May 7, 2019 5:08 pm

This poem was very creative and it had a lot of emotion in it. I also thought that it had a good rhythm to it. One suggestion I have would be that I think it would be really cool if you included imagery of the environment in your poem. I think it could help your audience visualize the issue that you are writing about. Overall I think your poem was very creative and thought provoking. Thank you for sharing it.

Audrey Hendarto

May 6, 2019 6:00 pm

Hi Latrell, I am Johnny from Judge Memorial Catholic High School in Salt Lake City. You’re poem is fantastic and stuck out to me right away because I am aware of the issue of pollution in our society; its especially bad in Salt Lake. A few of my friends even have Asthma .I think biking and walking are great ways to save our air, but I’m sure we can both agree that those two modes of transportation won’t always suffice. I would love for you to integrate other ways we can save our air such as carpooling, using public transit, and not idling our cars. I would also recommend you add something in your poem about the future of transportation such as electric/ hybrid cars. Other than that, it’s a great poem that provides great incentive for change! Keep up the good work!

May 1, 2019 3:13 am

Hey, I am Dean from Okemos High School. I was looking by youth voices home and was interested by the picture of your poem. I really like this poem because we need to think about our planet. We need to take care of our planet. It was Earth day recently and I heard a lot of things about how our environment is changing. I like the rhymes of your poem. It is very well written. I also like the message of the poem. We should try to lessen the use of cars by biking or walking. Using car unnecessarily should be stopped.

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