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I would like to speak upon the black community on stereotypes about black people. This is coming from a 15 year old black girl with experience from being stereotyped. For example, just because I’m black doesn’t mean I’m “ghetto” “loud” “rachet” “do drugs” “bad influence” I actually see myself as a caring, kind, smart and a good friend. Type of person. But just because I’m black people would take one look at my skin tone and would assume those things. Another example, just because I’m black doesn’t mean I fit the description as a “suspect” . I don’t really get in trouble and my grades are good. But as a black girl I always looked twice. And lastly, yes I’m gonna complete school. I see myself being something great in the future. And I need to complete school for it. All these examples connect to Black Wall Street because black people were hated in the 1920’s. A Tusla race massacre took place. Also known as the Tulsa race riot or the Black Wall Street massacre, was a two-day-long white supremacist terrorist massacre that took place between May 31 – June 1, 1921. This connects with stereotypes of black people by black people being disliked. And stereotypes played an important role against black people. Because white fed into the stereotypes and hated black people because they were different from other people. Today in 2023 black people are big. Black people are on top! There’s so many amazing and successful black people all over the world doing good things for good causes and change! Stop the stereotypes against black people because we are the future!!!

Aaliyah Williams

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