Churches and religious groups across America have opposed stem cell research for decades,  even when this technology first came out and showed promise to save the lives of the people opposed it, saying it was morally and ethically wrong.  The reason for their opposition is because of embryonic stem cells and how scientists once obtained them.  

Today though, there is new technology that will stop the death of a fetus when extracting embryonic stem cells.  Robert Lanza, a medical director of the biotechnology firm of Advanced Cell Technology in Massachusetts, said, “We’re showing for the first time that it’s possible to create stem cells without destroying the embryo and . . . without destroying its potential for life.”  This means there are no moral or ethical problems with using stem cells for the treatment of degenerative diseases if there is no death of an embryo.  During this study, they found no defects or issues that would affect the embryo and its potential for life.  Ronald M. Green, the director of the Ethics Institute at Dartmouth College, even says, “I do believe it solves the ethical problems.”  If there are no more ethical problems with embryonic stem cell research then why would religious groups still oppose it?  Now that we have solved and addressed the ethical problem with stem cell research, now we can perfect the application process and create treatments.  Even with the limited amount of stem cells scientists are provided, they have already made tremendous strides towards making treatments.  

In a study by the University of California at Irvine, several departments came together to test how embryonic stem cells transplanted in mice can restore active locomotion after a spinal cord injury.  In this experiment, stem cells were injected into mice with spinal cord injuries and then they tracked how the cells interacted with the body and if the motor functions of the mice improved.  It was found that just after seven days of the treatment that the cells were still alive and helping the mice become more active, restoring motor functions.  These results help scientists come to the conclusion that stem cells will be able to help in treatments for multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, and various other diseases that cause the loss of motor function or loss of control of the body and mind.  For these treatments to be finalized and usable for people suffering from these diseases, we need to expand research and funding so that scientists can create treatments for everyone.  Right now they are limited, but with new funding and stem cell lines they can create treatments for any degenerative disease and save billions of lives of the years to come.  If we can save lives of people that are suffering from these awful diseases, then why don’t we?

Stem cell research has shown great potential in many other areas also.  It has been shown that stem cells can cure Alzheimers, heart disease, diabetes, and various other diseases that plague people and trouble their everyday life.  Treatments can help people suffering from these diseases and studies have found proof that stem cells work and are efficient.

Religious groups want to help people, and this is their chance to help by supporting this research.  This is everyone’s chance as well by coming forth and supporting stem cell research.  With various churches from around the country supporting this research, Congress will also see that there is no moral or ethical problems with using stem cells for the treatment of degenerative disease, and that we should increase funding to save lives for generations to come.  So please support this research and help be a part of the new medical and scientific advancements doctors and scientists are making every day.  You could just be saving your life, or the lives of ones you love.

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