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Rest in Power

Matthew Ajibade, 1/1/15

Nicholas Thomas, 3/24/15

David Felix, 4/25/15

Terrance Kellom, 4/27/15

Darrius Stewart, 7/17/15



“Nearly 1 in 3 black people killed by police in 2015 were identified as unarmed, though the actual number is likely higher due to underreporting” (Mapping Police Violence). This is a huge amount of people being killed. What do people think about police brutality? Police brutality is becoming “common” and that is terrible because the crime is unfair and protesting needs to keep happening to stop it.

Police brutality in the U.S is becoming so common that every time there is news about it people don’t react the same as when it first started. In a letter “Police Brutality” by Antoine indicates “Police brutality is becoming more and more common, which isn’t good for us, the citizens” ( The keywords in this quote are police brutality, common, and citizens. I believe that the author chose to use these words because he wants let others know what is the main topic is and what affect it has on us. The author seems very concerned about police brutality and how it’s becoming more and more common. Police brutality shouldn’t be common because most of the time innocent people are being killed for ridiculous reasons. Additionally in my interview with a parent organizer named Alexandra J. Shane indicates, “Things are not getting better. We are starting to see it and it’s starting to be normal! And I think that’s the saddest part, it starting to be normal. And that shouldn’t be normal by no means” (Shane). The author seems very upset and angry that police brutality is becoming more and more normal to people. She is upset that it’s becoming a daily thing were people see and don’t say or do anything to change what is happening. She believes it shouldn’t be a normal thing because a lot of the times it’s innocent people being killed. People shouldn’t make police brutality a common topic just because they are scared to fight back.

Police brutality is very unfair to young men of color. Firstly, when interviewing a student at Life Academy who asked to remain anonymous, she was asked what she thought about police brutality against people of color she states,  “Obviously it’s horrible! Because no one really deserves to be hit. If it’s in the name of self defense I can see why but… many police officers pull that self defense card when it cannot be applied to the situation” (Anonymous). The keywords in this quote are self defense, applied, and situation. They chose these words to point out how police officers always have excuses to hurt somebody. Excuse as in “I am the law try anything and I will make sure you never try anything like that again”. These words that the student used shows how much polices officers care about our community because instead of protecting and serving us they believe we are a threat and going to attack them so they pull “the self defense card”. The feelings expressed by the student seem to be very passionate as you can tell by the exclamation point. Moreover, In the article “Young Men of Color and the Other Side of Harm” Danielle Sered illustrates “Young men of color internalize it’s negative messages, but because it can also powerfully shape how others see and treat them–with serious implications for social services, the criminal justice system, and the development of an equitable society more broadly” (Sered). The keywords in this quote are internalize, powerfully shape, and serious implications. The author chose to use this word to show how young colored men are impacted by what police officers say about them. They internalize themselves and are seen as a threat to the public eye because of what police say or do. The police officer’s actions or sayings affect young men of color because people then start feeling unsafe around any colored person. This would then make it unfair to other people of color because they might get blamed for illogical reasons like stealing or committing a murder. Many people may say it’s the child’s fault for getting caught up for example the story about a kid names Tamir Rice. Tamir Rice was a 12 year-old boy who was shot by police officers when a 911 caller said that they saw someone with a gun (possibly a toy gun). People may argue that he shouldn’t be playing with guns even if it’s a toy because when they get older they might once to use a gun on somebody. But either way police officers shouldn’t have to shoot every time they believe somebody might have a gun. Also the 911 caller had mentioned that it might just be a toy gun meaning the police officer shot the 12 year-old knowing it could have just been a toy gun.

Police brutality is happening all around us and nobody is doing anything to stop it. In the article, “Police Violence, Resistance and The Crisis of Legitimacy” Kristian WIlliams explains, “Police shootings are relatively common, but only rarely create public controversy. The victim is usually forgotten, except by those persons who knew him personally. The cops involved are often treated as heroes and issued commendations” (Williams). The keywords in this quote are rarely create, public controversy, cops treated like heroes, and issued commendations. The author chose these words because they want to show that when nothing is being done the cops are rewarded for doing an “outstanding job”. The author also chose these word because they want to let people that they are rarely protesting to make a change. People need to realize and put a stop by protesting when instead of justice happening police are being treated like royalty. Furthermore, people should become more active and awake in the their community because they may never know if one day it will be one of their family members on the news. Additionally police brutality isn’t stopping because people aren’t doing enough to stop the situation. People can say they are fighting, but not hard enough because nothing is being done. They might talk about Trayvon Martin who was shot by a police officer and sparked protest across the country. Although people have been protesting nothing at government level has been changed.



  1. Veronica 4 years ago

    Hello Krisya,

    I really enjoyed reading this. I also feel that people in Western culture are becoming desensitized due to the many deaths that have been covered. Moreover, I also believe that these deaths should be protested in order to show these impacted communities that these police behaviors will not be tolerated. Unfortunately, as you mentioned, institutions have not been holdinf these police officers accountable. However, if people like us continue to take these deaths seriously than there still is hope for change. Continue to care and think critically because there should be more people who should the same!

    • Author
      Krisya 4 years ago

      Dear Veronica,

      I am happy that you read and agree with my post about police brutality. I agree when you said “If people like us continue to take these deaths seriously than there is still hope for change.” because it is true if we bring more awareness than we can create a change. In our class we watched a video of Michelle Obama’s last speech and she mentions how children our the future. She talks about how we will be the ones to create a better society in the future. Have you seen her last speech?

  2. Jennifer 4 years ago

    Hi Krisya,

    I enjoyed reading your post. I liked your title of the post. It’s a powerful saying to not only stand up but to wake up as well and be aware of this issue. I agree that police brutality is a big issue in America. There are many more cases of these events occurring. I agree that people need to be more aware about these situations and step up to help.

    I also like how you included interviews from different people and how you listed out the keywords in each person’s interview. I also like this part in your post: “People should be more active and awake in their community.” A lot of times people aren’t aware of their surroundings and issues going on in their world around them. I think it’s important that people are aware of issues, such as police brutality, that are going on in the world and take action to help and stand up.

    I enjoy reading your post, Krisya! Your post was really detailed and help brought more awareness to the issue! You did a great job!

  3. Maya Patil 4 years ago

    Dear Krisya,
    I agree with your post, “Stand Up! Wake Up!,” because police brutality is a huge issue in America. One part that stood out to me was the story of Tamir Rice. I think it is important for people to see these stories so they know the reality they live in. Another section that I noticed was “Police shootings are relatively common, but only rarely create public controversy. The victim is usually forgotten, except by those persons who knew him personally. The cops involved are often treated as heroes and issued commendations.” It’s very upsetting that this is true and it makes you think of how many stories haven’t you heard for each one that you did hear. I agree that people need to be aware of what is happening in their communities. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to see what you write next, because your use of quote integration and analysis was very well done.

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