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For many years now, Judge Memorial students have been putting together an annual literary magazine. Our litmag, called Catharsis, features art, poetry, prose, and more that the students have created during the school year. Before publishing, the staff editors single out a piece from each category that is especially exceptional. The piece below is a staff pick from the 2017-2018 edition:

Girls Watching Boys

Sweating and smiling in spaghetti straps

blowing bubblegum and peeling it off the edges of their lips, 

pruning, stretching, flattening it against the backs of their teeth

and the corrugated roofs of their mouths.

Twisting flimsy rings around fingers,

stained sea glass green by cheap metal.

The sound of basketballs hitting cool pavement sliding through

open windows

and looping around the napes of their necks and ankles.

Swiping at flyaway hair that changes colors in the sun

and gets caught between eyelashes.

Squinted eyes watching the breeze 

ripple the boys shirts against

their broad backs.

Sera Cazares 

This piece is one of my personal favorites from the 2017-2018 edition. It has stood out in my head since the very first time I read it. The author’s use of alliteration in the first line and simple imagery throughout the poem set an easygoing, casual scene that I wish I could be a part of. My favorite part is the line about cheap rings staining the girls’ fingers. 

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December 3, 2020 9:34 pm

Thank you for sharing! I agree with your statement about how this poem creates simple imagery and creates an easygoing, casual scene. This poem is easy to read and isn’t like many other poems that are complex and take a lot to decipher and understand what is happening. This is just a simple poem that you can see in your mind and is easy to make sense of.

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