group of men playing soccer during daytime

While we still have this dangerous virus sports across the world are still having practices and games. The first sports to have practices and games were the NBA and Soccer. When Soccer was they had to get a test every day before practice or a game. For the NBA they were in a bubble which meant they had to get tested every day and have to stay in a hotel room and they couldn’t go anywhere like to go see their family.

For Soccer they were able to see their family and they were able to go out they weren’t as strict as the NBA. This one NBA player had lied to his coaches and he told them that he was gonna go out and go get wings but instead of doing that he had gone to a club and then he got suspended 3 or 2 games for lying. In Soccer they had players get the virus because they didn’t have strict rules on the players so some players and coaches ended up getting the virus. In Soccer there was this one player who had bought an island for him and family because he didn’t wanna have him and his family to get the virus. For Soccer they still had one of the biggest tournaments in the world called the UEFA Champions League with no fans in attendance. For the NBA hey had the playoffs in the bubble with no fans in attendance as well and they weren’t as exciting as if there were fans.



  1. Oliver 3 weeks ago

    Dear Zachary,
    Your post show that the soccer tournament should be more strict with their players even though they have a check up everyday. This remind me when I go out hooping with my friend with other people.

  2. Steven 3 weeks ago

    Dear Zachary,

    I like the way you show what people do during outside sports. It shows how they understand what’s happening around the world.

  3. Douglas 3 weeks ago

    Dear Zachary,
    I am intrested with your post because i didnt know that soccer players have it more easy for going out and just doing what they want in this pandemic. While the basketball players have it strict and they cant really do much.
    One thing you said that stands out for me is: “couldn’t go anywhere like to go see their family” I think this is sad because they would want to see their family and they deserve to see their families cause it might not let them feel so lonely.
    Your post reminds me of something that happened to me. One time during the pandemic some of my friends wanted to go out when the government canceled the lockdown and my parents didnt let me and i felt kind of sad cause i wanted to go.

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