Dear Athletes who practice five or more times per week,

We are writing to you because we want to give you information about sports injuries. Did you know that “In the U.S., about 30 million children and teens participate in some form of organized sports, and more than 3.5 million injuries each year?”( As people who practice a lot, it is important to know the risks involved and how to preclude  injuries. 

Based on your research, sports injuries are important to talk about because many injuries happen during practice and athletes who are injured may experience side effects emotionally. 

Sports Injuries in practice are important because the sports injuries in practice are 62% of all sports injuries in youth( Injuries in practice might seem unforeseen but are very common because athletes do not take the same seriousness in practice as they do in games. They may not warm up as if they would in games. Or they may not use the same equipment. For a fact ⅓ of 62% of people who get injured in practice could be prevented if they used the same gear to protect themselves( There is a lot of youth in Oakland that play many sports. Many of them may not have the adequate gear to play the sport and be safe while playing the sport. Therefore, athletes have to wear the right equipment during practice and in games or else they have a higher chance of getting a sports injury during practice because they are not as safe. Wearing the right gear can benefit their health and benefit their success as an athlete.

 Secondary, sports Injuries in practice or games can cause any type of side effects because the injury can degrade them in a certain way. Some examples of side effects are sadness, anger, lack of motivation etc.Athletes  might feel that they let themselves down  or their team.  That causes them to feel down because they aren’t playing their sport and they are just in their house and when they come back to play it won’t feel the same. In the article it’s giving me information about the side effects of an injury. So in the article titled “Mind, Body and Sport: How being injured affects mental health” by Margot Putukian and published by NCAA it says “How student-athletes respond to injury may differ, and there is no predictable sequence or reaction”(Putukian). Different responses are important to know about because we get to learn something because not all of them are going to act the same compared to the other ones the side effects are going to be different. 

We surveyed 28 people from the Oakland community of both genders and we asked them certain questions about sport injuries. We got responses from different types of races ,ages etc. And it was very interesting responses that we got from the people who took the survey from people that play sports or don’t or who got injured or who didn’t.

Figure 1 is titled: Number Of Injuries By Gender

The graph shows the number of injuries experienced by both genders. This argues that both genders get injured and they are not that  far apart from each other but males still have more injuries than females. 4 males and 3  females had more than 7 injuries but only three females had more more injuries compared to males 4 males had more injuries than 7 so males are more active and have a higher risk to get injured.

Figure 2 is titled: Do You Play Sports Per Week By Gender

 What this graph is showing is the days you play sports per week by gender.

This argues that males are more physically active than females. 7 males play sports 7 days per week, compared to females where 0 females play sports 7 days per week. 4 females play 0 days of sports per week, compared to males where only 3 males play 0 days of sports per week.

Figure 3 is titled: Whether People Play Sports By Age

What this graph is showing  if people play sports or not by their age. The age groups are 13-18, 19-25, 25-35. And 36+. This argues that people from ages 13-18 are more active then any other age group because 9 of 15 of the 13-18 year olds play sports. Compared to 25-35 where only 6 of 6 of them play sports. 36+ are the least active of the bunch because only 4 of 6 of them play sports which makes them the least of all age groups that we surveyed.

Based on the survey we saw a lot of gaps. For example the race we saw a lot of gaps like more Latinos play a sport compared to Asian and African Americans. We also saw another gap that males are more active in sports than females. What people should know about sports is that all the sports are the same; they are no harder sports or easy sports they all need commitment or sense on the sport.

A need that this community has not related to sports injuries is that more people need to play sports or do exercise during the week because there are a lot of people who do not exercise at all which is not healthy for your body. Some needs that this community also has also has related to sports injuries are, more education about  why athletes need to use proper gear to practice and games to prevent injuries. Also, coaches need to be stricter on their athletes because if the coach makes it mandatory to bring proper gear to practices it will reduce the number of injuries in practice. Another need is that athletes need to be educated on what to do when they see someone get injured or what to do when they themselves get injured because it is crucial to know what to do exactly in the moment and how to identify a serious injury. 

Based on the research and the survey, as Upstanders for Sports Injuries we will educate our community and raise money to support athletes.

Our first aim is to post about sports injuries on social media, we will post statistics about sports injuries and what things athletes could do to prevent sports injuries. This will be effective because everybody is on their phone right now because of the quarantine which makes it more likely for people to see it.

Steps we will take are, Create a new instagram page just for sports injuries. The next step will be, we will shout out the page in our personal instagrams so that more people will see it and ask friends to repost so as many people can see it. Our target audience is athletes because if they listen to our tips it can prevent injuries. Supplies we need are our own cell phones. There is no budget because we already have our phones. We can get information from our research tracker and we can draw our own images or we can get images on google. 

An obstacle we expect is, the account wont get a lot of attention and it won’t get seen by our targeted audience. We expect this because people might not be interested in the topic because they might think it’s irrelevant.

Our second aim is to talk to our principal because he is the athletic director so he can talk to all the athletes at  our school and talk about how to prevent an injury and how to prevent it. This will be effective because it will be helpful for the students and this will probably make them play safer and also it will teach them to always warm up before doing any sports.

The steps that we are going to take are to tell the athletic director to talk to the athletes and tell them what to do to play safe or to prevent it. The supplies we need are that the students come to the meeting to hear the principle. The budget is 25 dollars to buy sum pizza so the students can enjoy it

The obstacles that we expect are that the students learn to play safely and to always stretch. 

If we had unlimited resources we would raise money to buy the adequate gear for athletes who do not have the money to buy it for themselves. This would prevent future injuries because athletes are properly equipped. Another thing we would do is make a national petition where it is mandatory for athletes to wear the proper gear even in practice.

Steps we would take to accomplish our goal are: we will need to start a petition in order to get people’s attention and to spread the word to new people. People will sign our petition and it will start to get attention and it will start to get advertised on the internet and in billboards and it will get shown on the news. Then it will start to get state attention and eventually it will get national attention and eventually sports leagues will start to make it mandatory to have the right equipment and for athletes and coaches to get educated about sports injuries. The budget could be around $100,000-200,000, This will cover advertisements and workers who give out the survey. We would need information from the survey takers, we need their responses to see what further actions we need to take.

Obstacles we can expect is that we might not have enough money to pay for advertisements and for workers to have people sign the petition. Also, another obstacle we expect is that it might not get the attention we want it to have. People might not be interested in sports injuries because they don’t think it’s an important topic right now. They might not have kids so they can’t relate to the sports injuries in minors.

We will know our actions are successful when we see the injury rate go down in our Oakland community and when we also see when our instagram gets a lot of views or likes and it is shared to a lot of people.

We will measure success by showing people our community because the rates have gone down for the injuries and kids or adults are more safe with their actions that they do in games or warmups and we have new followers and they keep on spreading out the word.

We will know we helped people in our community because our numbers from the likes and comments are very high in our posts and other people have a word for the information that we have given them.

Thank you for listening to our information and hope it keeps on spreading out and it gets new followers and comments and hope it makes a change in our community and in sports. What if it was YOU who got injured?


Omar Cox Diaz & Jose Cordova Martinez

Work Cited

“Default – Stanford Children’s Health.” Stanford Children’s Health – Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford,

Mangan, Dr. Douglas. “Majority of Youth Sports Injuries Can Be Prevented, Here’s How to Keep Kids Safe.” USA Today, Gannett Satellite Information Network, 5 Sept. 2018,

Rpowell. “Mind, Body and Sport: How Being Injured Affects Mental Health.” – The Official Site of the NCAA, 11 July 2017,

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September 11, 2020 3:17 pm

Dear Omar,
I am fascinated by your post “Sport Injuries in Minors,” because I am an athlete myself. This post informs athletes about the risk of getting injured. One of your quotes that really spoke out to me was “As people who practice a lot, it is important to know the risks involved and how to preclude injuries. ” I think you should talk different schools about their teaching about the risk of sports. I can connect to this to myself because every year for school sports we have to learn about heat illness, concussions, and sudden cardiac arrest. This was a very interesting post and helps athletes understand that with playing sports also comes with a risk of getting injured.

Montana Tavernier
Montana Tavernier
September 11, 2020 1:40 pm

I understand what this article is trying to say but I don’t agree with it. I notice that teenagers play a lot of sport’s compared to other ages. Yes sports can be dangerous, but you can’t just tell people to stop Because this is their passion. People cant be scared of something that always comes hewn you play sports.

Luke Diamond
Luke Diamond
September 11, 2020 1:37 pm

Dear Omar,
Your post meant so much to me. I think it is amazing that you are informing kids about the risks of getting injured. One of your quotes that really spoke out to me was “As people who practice a lot, it is important to know the risks involved and how to preclude injuries. ” I think you should talk to schools about teaching about the risk of sports. I can connect this to myself because every year for school sports we have to learn about heat illness, concussions, and sudden cardiac arrest. This was really interesting to me because I am an athlete myself. Thank you so much for sharing.

August 31, 2020 4:57 am

Athletes are always getting injured.Injuries in practice are important because they are 62% in youth.There is a graph shown in the article that shows that a lot of youth that play sports get injured.They argued that males are more likely to get injured.These injuries are very important and should be taken seriously.

Reply to  Morgan
August 31, 2020 5:10 am

Dear Omar,

August 30, 2020 5:56 am

Dear Omar :
I am amazed by your pos, “Sport Injuries in Minors,” because I am interested as an athlete myself. I wondered how many worried about it like me and it was interesting to read.
One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “As people who practice a lot, it is important to know the risks involved and how to preclude injuries. ” I think this is cool because it connected readers who want to learn. I also think it’s cool to spread awareness.
Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because the ideas you have are great. You also provided me, an athlete, with great knowledge.
Zach R.

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