Sport is an activity involving physical skill. It  can be individual or on a team that competes against others for entertainment. Sports can also help you in your daily life. For example, doing yoga, playing basketball, football and other sports can keep your body active for a long time. This exercise or sports that you play or do will benefit your body more than you think: reduced body fat, bone strengthening, improved stamina and flexibility being some of the reasons why you should take up a sport.  



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  1. Jason P 1 year ago

    Hi! My name is Jason Pham, senior from Lake Washington High School. I really like the fact that you explained specifically how sports and exercise benefits our bodies. I personally agree with your statement, “sports can also help you in your daily life” because as an athlete myself, sports certainly make an impact on me daily. I play soccer competitively and my coach makes us put in a lot of effort during practice and let’s us know that we should be applying this to our entire life including school, family, and etc. I am just curious at looking at sports from a different perspective and wanted to ask, do you think there is any problems with sports?

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