Space Traveling by Rene

October 26, 2021


Space Traveling

If you had the chance to travel to space, would you?

In this text, I will describe how space can be scary and how cool it can be. On a mission known as “Inspiration4” during September 2021, 4 CEOs went aboard and were one of the first crew members to orbit Earth. Another person who took off to space was a guy named “William Shatner” he of course experienced his 11-minute journey on the edge of space courtesy of Jeff Bezo’s Blue Origin aerospace company. This reaches my point, although there is space-traveling taking place and lately has been commercialized, civilians have recently been able to buy their own seats.

In this case, would you buy a seat so you can have a chance to travel to space? I mean…I would, but…. it seems kinda scary, doesn’t it! I did some research, let me share my information with you. Mostly the very wealthiest citizens buy their way into space. This shows how you need to have money in order to maintain yourself. Also, the chance to aboard a spaceship is basically dangerous, due to the fact in 1986, a spaceship called the “Challenger” accidentally BLEW UP. This made me rethink going to space but also I have to remember, it was an accident…

But the positive part of space is when you are up there, people say it makes them rethink life, and what the meaning to it really is. The man William Shatner said his eleven-minute adventure is unforgettable.

How would you react to this?