Some Interesting Places In Jackson Heights by May

July 19, 2018


Some Interesting Places In Jackson Heights

My name is May. I’m from Burma. I lived in Woodside Ave near Jackson Heights. It has many traditional food shops and stores. Also have many 99$. And then near the subway station and bus stop. Jackson Heights Station has many trains R, M, E, F and 7 train. We can go easily to go to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Flushing and Bronx. My neighborhood is very friendly with my family. My favourite place my neighborhood is Myanmar store and hair shop. I can get the many Burmese foods there. And I can export to some thing for my cousin. When I go there I meet many Burmese and I feel like happy.

My neighborhood have many schools including my school. I can take many trains. It’s really helpful. I don’t need to transfer to another bus or train. Train station and my house is not too far. I need to walk only 1 block.