Society and its Inequalities by Celines

February 6, 2020


Society and its Inequalities

  In my English class we discussed and chose three stories that are “Everyday Use(Text 1),” “The Lesson(Text 2),” and “How to Date a Browngirl, Blackgirl, Whitegirl and Halfie(Text 3)” because these stories have interesting themes and connections, about social class, education inequalities  that’s a struggle in the whole world. The short story “Everyday Use,” is about the perspectives that one mother has about their daughters. The short story describes the struggle that each daughter faces. At the end she learns a lesson about her two daughters with different actions she never saw in her life. The short story of “The Lesson,” is about a teacher that gives a lesson to her students about caring about the job that their parents did for them and also shows the struggle that the world has about social classes.The short story of “How to Date a Browngirl, Blackgirl, Whitegirl and Halfie”, is about guys that share the experiences about the dates with girls, how to act, what things to make or not. Also shows some situations of social class and race inequality.

The literary elements help us to understand the purpose of the author that wants to teach us on their texts. The point of view, theme and conflict are the literary elements that connect with the three texts that discuss during the class. The first is that we discuss the point of view through which a story is communicated. Text 1, relates the perspective of the first character. This describes the conflict happening with respect to family and social class. Text 2 describes the situation that young people have on choosing the correct way for their lives. Also on the education and social class. Text 3 describes how to impress another person and about the behavior of different groups. Classify the stereotypes of society. The three texts have similarities about perspectives and actions that can categorize the different groups like gender, race, language, education,etc.

The Second that we discussed was the theme describes the subject of a work can be described in concrete terms, usually through actions. On text 1 describes racial identity, tradition and heritage. These are the power themes that have this text that try to bring the lesson for the readers. Text 2 describes the inequality of the social class like jobs, housing and education. Text 3 describes the stereotypes between women and men. This is related to treating different women based on his experiences and classify races. The three texts have similarities about the identity and stereotypes that are related to the present life.

The third that we discuss was Conflict is characterized by a struggle between two opposing forces or groups. Text 1 describes the struggle on the family that has on the health and economy. Text 2 describe knowledge the issues on the society like economy inequalities and discrimination are the problem. Text 3 describes the struggles and some abilities that have on society and to be impressed by them. The three texts have similarities about inequalities on the society and economy that people are facing on the world.  

In conclusion these three texts have different and similar literary elements that bring some lessons that people can reflect or connect with specific issues that happened in the world.