Social media play in society today by Chloe

November 8, 2017


Social media play in society today

81 percent of Americans use some sort of social media platform today. 1.96 billion people use social media worldwide and this number is expected to double by 2018. The number will exponentially increase until eventually everyone who has access to social media will likely be on. Many people focus on the negatives of social media, such as unproductiveness caused by social media, cyber bullying, and laziness that are often produced. Others focus on the bright side where social media helps keep our world connected, updates us on important events, and allows us to talk to friends and families with ease. But one thing people don’t always discuss are the advantages and disadvantages to not being on social media. made an interesting point saying that the number of adults over the age of 50 has doubled in the past year. And the reasoning behind this is because people who are not on social media feel like they are at a disadvantage. They feel like they don’t have access to the information available at most peoples fingertips. They feel like they are left out of situations and unable to stay connected with family and friends. And the most interesting point made by the article, they feel they are unable to socialize with coworkers and friends. Many conversations today begin with “did you see…” which is usually followed by some craze that hit the internet days before. And the article found that people found it easier to log into social media accounts to fit it rather than finding something else to talk about with their friends, or having the self-restraint to stay disconnected.

Another interesting article,, found that people are changing the way we speak face to face due to social media. The shorthand terms and acronyms we use in social media can now be found in a normal conversation. The addition of the changing language makes the people who choose not to use social media unable to fully engage in the conversation. Again, the easy fix is to join social media, which is why so many more people have logged on.

The disadvantages those who do not engage in social media today experience are becoming more and more. As our technology advances, as do various media platforms, it is becoming nearly impossible to be disconnected.