Social Media photoQuestion: Is social media good for our society?

Social media is a convoluted subject about whether it has an overall beneficial contribution to the community. There are positive and negative aspects of social networking, however, the question that we are going to answer today is whether it is ultimately beneficial or not. Social media can have an effect on relationships, personal information, attention span, etc.

On the good side social media provides easier means of communication (especially over long distances), it has proven to be a helpful tool in education, it can improve relationships and help you make new friends. It’s a useful tool with employment, it can encourage political change and start movements, and can even help the police target criminals (according to There are lots of useful things about social media but the overarching theme of all of them is it establishes a connection between people regardless of distance.

However, on the contrary, social media has brought negativity too. It can spread negative information, eliminate your right to privacy by exposing your personal information,  lead to stress, anxiety, bullying, depression, and suicide, become a major distraction of students’ and employees’ productivity, decrease face to face social interactions, distracts drivers, and many more issues. It’s not uncommon to look on the news and see a cell phone related accident of some kind. Overuse of social media can  even lead to poor sleeping habits according to an article on BBC entitled “The positives and negatives of using social networking sites.”

In summation technology and the use of social media is a handy tool, but it should not be misused. It’s a tool we should use with moderation. We must use it by necessity, not by the will of a person. It has an overall positive effect, but we shouldn’t forget that we can make it negative with our carelessness.


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September 25, 2018 8:38 pm

maybe leave direct and specific examples of how each effect it has, or how it personally has affected you to give further insight to the reader

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