Social Media and Its Effects on Nature by Christian

September 17, 2022


Social Media and Its Effects on Nature

In the article, “Is Social Media Ruining Nature?” written by Chrisanne Grise (Upfront, 2019), I learned about the negative effects that social media can cause to nature. In 2019, a social media influencer posted a picture of themselves in Lake Elsinore, displaying a field of the vibrant orange poppies that were growing. You might wonder, “How did this affect the landscape, if it was just one person who took a picture?” Well, when this social media influencer used a geotag, which displays the location of the image, it brought attraction to this particular site. This brought around 100,000 people to this site, which as stated by the mayor of Lake Elsinore, was way to much people. This can be seen happening more frequently as social media brings attraction to sites, which causes more people to come to those sites. These people may not have experience or know the area well, and might wander off and damage the area.

I think that this attraction to these nature sites is not a bad thing, it’s just the fact that people don’t know how to take care of them and not damage them. I believe that people should inform themselves on the location they are visiting, and how to not leave any damages behind, so that other people can come and enjoy the scenery as well. When reading this article, a quote that stood out to me was, “How many likes is a patch of dead wildflowers worth?” This quote demonstrates the effects of what could happen if people are not aware of the effects of attracting people to a particular nature site.

What do you think can reduce the negative effects that social media has on nature?