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As we all know there is a big global outbreak of the Corona Virus and we have been told to stay indoors and do social distancing. People are being asked to stay inside because the Corona Virus is spreading a lot and getting many people sick. When people get sick they usually get some symptoms like fevers and a cough.  There are still some people who go outside on a daily basis, like some people go outside because they need to go to work or some people go outside because they need to buy food. 

But from what people say a multitude of people are not protecting themselves when they go outside. We think that they should play it safe and take precaution and do what medical professionals  recommend to do to not catch the virus by wearing masks. If they don’t they have a bigger chance of getting contaminated by the virus and even spreading  it more which is why staying inside is important because there are less people so no one can get contaminated. There are already over 2,000 confirmed cases of the virus in Alameda county, therefore, CoronaVirus is a huge public health issue and we need to let people know how and why it’s important to be careful when they are outside so we can slow down the number of cases or bring a stop to CoronaVirus  (http://www.acphd.org/). 

It is very important to get the CoronaVirus under control so that it becomes manageable like the flu. In this article called “Covid-19: How long is this likely to last? it states “Other experts have also raised the possibility that this pandemic will lead to SARS-CoV-2 becoming endemic — meaning that the virus will stay with us forever” (Sandoiu). This is saying that the virus will now be another common sickness like the flu but if we could reach out to the public and give them advice on what to do we could potentially bring the number of cases down by the time this virus becomes another common sickness and make it smaller than it is right now. This article called  “Social Distancing: Why Keeping Your Distance Helps Keep Others Safe”  said “COVID-19 can spread from person to person even before symptoms start. So, if someone in your family starts to feel even slightly ill, run down, tired, or achy, it’s important to stay home and practice ‘self isolation’ This means limiting contact with others. If more severe symptoms develop, like a fever, cough or shortness of breath, call your doctor. They will let you know if a COVID-19 test is needed, and what the next steps should be. If it is believed someone in your family has COVID-19, quarantine will likely be recommended” (Cross).This means that as long as we stay inside and don’t feel any symptoms we are safe from the virus and we won’t spread it even more so if we get people to follow this plan and just stay inside we could slow down the number of cases there are in Alameda county. As we can see many of these symptoms are similar to the flu if we follow the rules and stay inside the Corona Virus will feel like the flu.


We surveyed the Oakland community and  we got a good amount of responses and different ages all talking about what they think about the coronavirus.

Figure #1: The graph is titled “Who thinks the Pandemic will last until 2021?” It shows that a lot more people think the pandemic will last. About 17 people think it will last and only 3 said maybe. No one answered with no. This is significant because we really think the disease will be with us forever. 

Figure #2: The graph is titled “ Number of people who see other people wearing masks outside.” It shows that when people go outside only 15 people say they see people only sometimes wearing masks and 5 said all the time. This is important to understand because everywhere you see doctors saying you should wear masks so that you won’t get Corona Virus.

Figure #3: The graph is titled: “Number of participants who wear a mask when going outside.”

It shows that more people who know more about the Corona Virus are more likely to wear a mask when they go outside. About 11 people said they wear a mask when they go outside and around 9 people said they only wear a mask sometimes. This is good because this shows more people wear masks than others.

Based on the survey and the research, We will try to inform a lot of people by sending them articles and ways they can help their community in order to wear masks and stay inside..

Aim #1 Virtual: Get more people to wear masks when they go outside through education

Based on the survey it showed that most people did not see other people wearing masks when they went outside. We should try to get more people to see why it’s dangerous to be outside and not be wearing a mask. By using Instagram it would help us reach out to people and tell them more about this and we will know we would be successful by seeing how any people have seen the post and also have liked it. What we could do to get more people to wear masks is put up advertisements on Instagram talking about the more dangerous part of not wearing a mask and why they could be contaminated easier than other people who do take care of themselves when they go outside. We will know if we are successful by seeing many people react t o our post on instagram and people 

Aim #2 Virtual: Educate people about what Coronavirus  does to your body

The virus can stay in your body for 14 days without you feeling any symptoms, some people might not have a clear idea on what the virus does to your body. We can start by saying the symptoms you get are also sort of related to those of the flu. First you can start feeling tired, fever and also a dry cough. These are some of the starting symptoms. But some of the dangerous symptoms can include blue lips or face, trouble breathing, and chest pain. They should know which ones are the more dangerous ones so they know when it is the right time to go to the hospital. We could also use instagram again and make a post talking about all the symptoms that people would feel if they contacted the virus and a challenge for us would be if people would think that our information is false but we would have real evidence supporting what we are talking about.

Aim #3 Virtual: Why should people stay indoors

They should mostly stay indoors with enough food and water to last for a while because the more people stay indoors the less people there are to spread the virus around. Using our information we could reach out to people telling them why they should stay indoors because It is very important to go outside only when you need to, This will really help slow down the amount of new cases that there are and. More people can find reasons to stay inside by the news or using the articles that we provided. People who still go outside on a daily basis should also know that we were told to stay indoors by medical professionals because of quarantine with these reasons we could get more people to start staying inside. 

In conclusion, because of the Corona Virus outbreak we need people to see the information we are giving out because from that they could start staying inside more so then when the virus cases go down less people would be worried about it which would make the Corona Virus be nothing but another common sickness.

Work cited

Corinn Cross. “Social Distancing: Why Keeping Your Distance Helps Keep Others Safe.” HealthyChildren.org,6 Apr.2020, www.healthychildren.org/English/health-issues/conditions/chest-lungs/Pages/Social-Distancing-Why-Keeping-Your-Distance-Helps-Keep-Others-Safe.aspx.

Ana Sandoiu. “When Will the COVID-19 Pandemic Be over?” Medical News Today, MediLexicon International, 16 Apr. 2020, www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/covid-19-how-long-is-this-likely-to-last.

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May 19, 2020 12:20 pm

This was a very well researched essay. Well done. This serves as a nice presentation of much of the current information we have about social distancing and I think that could come in real handy, especially now that businesses are being open across the country. As you mentioned, a fair few people don’t wear masks or social distance which is a problem. Historically, it’s tough for our nation to come together on a certain issue and it baffles me that this is somehow no different. Your essay is a nice way to show how objectivity needs to win out for this to work.

May 17, 2020 6:30 pm

Hi Manuel,
I liked reading your post. It was informative and well though through. I agree more people need to take part in wearing masks when they go outside. They are endangering themselves and others. What scares me the most are the people who are asymptomatic and think they don’t need to wear a mask. Your other point about staying indoors is okay. If people did wear masks when they go outside then everyone wouldn’t need to stay inside as much. Unfortunately since a lot of people don’t wear masks outside then staying inside would be safer. Do you think that we as a society will have to do everything at home because of COVID-19? Here is an article I found that could help you further your ideas. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/downloads/stop-the-spread-of-germs.pdf

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