Social Distancing is Vital by Madi

April 3, 2020


Social Distancing is Vital

We are coming upon the end of the third week of quarantine. As cases and deaths still continue to rise in both the United States and the world as a whole, I have become confused about why people have not been taking social distancing seriously. The stigma going around with a lot of the gen Z individuals is “I’m young and healthy and won’t die if I get the coronavirus”. Even though that may be true, multiple studies have shown that asymptomatic cases can still transfer the disease. “By our most conservative estimate, at least 59% of the infected individuals were out and about, without being tested and potentially infecting others,” says lead study author Prof. Wu Tangchun (Cohut, 2020). Individuals who decide to not follow the rules and continue to hang out with their friends and participate in social gatherings are putting many people at risk.

Social distancing is an essential way of reducing the spread of COVID-19. “Social distancing means staying home as much as possible and avoiding crowded, public places where close contact with others is likely. This includes shopping centers, movie theaters, stadiums, even large church gatherings” (Dr. Cross, 2020). Social distancing can reduce the spread of illness and lessen the chances of catching coronavirus, but is only effective if everyone does their part and participates. An informative article from the Washington Post gives four different stimulations depicting the infection rate of individuals performing a “free-for-all”, attempted quarantine, moderate social distancing and extensive social distancing. “Even with different results, moderate social distancing will usually outperform the attempted quarantine, and extensive social distancing usually works best of all” (Stevens, 2020).

As the virus continues to spread, we need to start being more considerate and putting social distancing into practice much more. This is not a joke anymore and people need to have some respect and start doing their part if they want to see improvement in our society. The longer people decide they are going to be “rebellious” and not follow protocol, the longer we will have to be in quarantine. If people want to have a fun summer or even be able to start college on campus in the fall, they need to start doing their part now!