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There’s never anything like getting a letter in the mail. Or a newspaper in the morning. But in today’s society, people prefer to send a quick text, or give someone a quick phone call. But what is that doing to our relationships? 

Psychologist Maggie Mulqueen said, “It’s just too easy” (NBC).  In today’s day and age, it is just too easy to send a text to someone instead of a letter. But sometimes, a letter just makes everyone’s day a lot better. That’s how it was done before the telephone, but unfortunately, the tradition has not continued. What’s even more important, is that lack of punctuation has ruined or caused problems in many relationships. 

For example:

  • Okay!
  • Ok!
  • Okay.
  • Ok.
  • Okay
  • Ok

All six words can be taken with a completely different tone of voice when read as a text. Another downside, is the madness caused inside one’s head when someone doesn’t respond. The amount of social and mental anxiety that this can cause has been crippling (ELITE). The feeling you get when someone doesn’t answer can be devastating: What happened? What did I do wrong? I ruined it? Was I too harsh? 

But then, 45 seconds later, they text back. And those three dots at the bottom of the screen are a lifeline. And finally, there is a response. And then we respond. And the cycle continues (How texting can ruin a relationship).

However, there are upsides to technology. Being “one call away” has saved many lives since the first cell phone.  Especially during the time of COVID-19, technology has managed to salvage many relationships. Unfortunately, it has also ruined so many due to high tensions, lack of social interaction, and fear of the virus. Technology has many blessings, and many curses. 

So what is the solution?

The solution is… there is no solution. 

Maybe, just maybe, our ancestors and their snail-mail ways were on to something. And maybe, just maybe, we can figure out a way unique to our generation that provides us with the resources to see each other again. 




  1. Anastasia 2 weeks ago

    Cat, I love how you connected this to modern times by mentioning how easy it is to send a text message. I also love how you said that sending a letter might make someone’s day. Great job!

  2. Isabella 2 weeks ago

    Catherine, I like how you included “All six words can be taken with a completely different tone of voice when read as a text” because language over text can easily be misinterpreted and unclear. In addition, I like how you related it the mental aspect it has on people and connected it to the effect it has on relationships. Great writing!

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