My position on my sleeping schedule is that i’m doing just fine , it may not be healthy but i do what i have too all the time even more as a fact , i may need more sleep and that’s why i’m always falling asleep but i have no problem with it its my daily schedule and i’m used to it , i just don’t be sleepy at night i just don’t sleep . Some may disagree, in fact it is a fact that people who don’t get enough sleep have a 10% probability of dying faster because your brain needs sleep . my mother may disagree , teachers , scientists , and more but i know it’s dangerous but i don’t really know why i don’t be sleepy at night sometimes i don’t care but it’s just a thing know I don’t sleep at night i don’t know if there’s a cause to it or not but i just don’t sleep , the most I get is 3 hours of sleep and there’s no reason for it not that i know of , nights are just sleepless nights. Wanting to sleep in the morning and having to wake up on school schedule when your brain cant even function correctly is just draining at this point , and then more stress having to face the consequences of getting to school late , but i’m good. i usually have to do a lot of things at night and get distracted as well , but still no sleep.

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November 20, 2019 4:47 pm

Dear Marie:

I am amazed at your “Sleepless” comment because I learned about what happens if you don’t sleep your eight hours a day. I am from Mexico but I live in California. One phrase I liked was where he says “he time even more as a fact, i may need more sleep and that’s why I’m always falling asleep but i have no problem with it its my daily schedule and I’m used to it, I just don’t be sleepy at night ”I like the purchaser the same as you but some people say it is bad I think that in some ways we are the same but sleep more because it is bad. Thank you for your comment I hope you keep posting more to continue telling them what your favorite things are

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