Sisterhood by Fatoumata

December 3, 2019



Sisterhood is not always the cheerful moment. Having a lighter skin and education especially for girls in 1920’s in black community does not help. It will be confusing that you will not know where you belong, white or black. My sister Maggie after she was burned in our old house she has never been the same. She start to blame everyone. That does not mean I would do the same to make her happy. She was most closed to Mama. But I understand how she feels about me. Usually mothers support more their kid who are not favored that mean who don’t have confidence of themselves. She thought that I’m the one who takes all opportunities she should have, like education, and popularity. After my mama and the church raised money for my college and I went to college I realized that my family does not have money.

Maggie is my sister and nothing will change that. When I decided to present Hakim to my family mama did not like him and she started making fun of him. As long I known her, she always takes my sister’s side and both of them are really locked. She considered my sister more. I will love to have the same relationship with her. But I have no idea how it will started. I guess I supposed to behaved or be the same as my sister. Obviously It will not going to happen because I will not change my personality. I want to be love how I am and for who I am. She will have to accepted me as I am. She though that I hate Maggie but she is wrong even I like nice things or have knowledge that did not mean I’m a bad person or I hate my sister. The thing my Mama and Maggie did not understands we are a family and this will not change.