The growing population is becoming increasingly more and more of a problem for many countries. Areas such as Hong Kong and Singapore face problems caused by overpopulation daily. Singapore, a city state only about 275 square miles large is struggling to house a population of 5.6 million, especially when also trying to make room for other necessities such as stores, schools, businesses, and more. Fitting all of this on an island smaller than New York City is not an easy task. Especially when taking into consideration the fact that the population will continue to grow in the coming years.

Gregory Scruggs wrote an article about this problem, and the solution that Singapore is considering. Singapore plans to move as much as possible underground. This process has already begun, with millions of dollars already invested into creating an underground railway, moving military ammunition underground and creating a cooling and water reclamation system. Singapore hopes to eventually move any and all utilities underground.

This underground movement has already been seen in other areas such as Hong Kong and Helsinki. Helsinki has been working towards moving underground since the 60s. They have created an entire underground city featuring buildings such as churches all the way to things such as hockey rinks.

Many people will be skeptical about the idea of moving underground. I mean the idea as a whole sounds rather outlandish. One potential argument against this movement is that people are not meant to be underground. We aren’t bats. In order to combat this and appeal to people with such opinions, countries such as Scandinavia require all workers to return to the surface for a 30 minute rest break.

Obviously the solution is a feasible one. Countries have been moving things underground since the 1960s. However, is it entirely cost effective? That is hard to say. Millions of dollars are spent by various countries in their efforts to move everything underground. That said, we don’t really have another solution at the moment. Currently it seems as though we are forced to spend money to help with the issue of over population. Moving things underground may not be the cheapest option, but at this point it is the only option.

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