Walking on the street, I was coming home from school.  Where I could see merchants setting on the sidewalk selling their merchandise, things like mangos, bananas, and also clothes. 

I didn’t want to walk fast since it was a Friday and I had nothing to do at home, so I strolled

slowly and looked around. It’s  when Mr. Robert saw me and called,

       “Hey! Chelsie, come here.”

I turned around and walked towards him.

“Where is your mom?” he asked.

A week ago my mom and I were sitting together,  I was doing my homework, and my mom was selling clothes in front of the house. Mr. Robert, an old friend of the family for a very long time,  was passing by and he saw something that attracted him. He bought the clothes from my mom for $150, but never paid her for them. She told my mom that he would pay her the next day, but never did. So since then, I had to avoid him. 

  That day I was so angry,   “What do you need from me or my mom? Haven’t you take enough from her?” I responded rudely.

         “How dare you talk like that to me!  Now tell me where your Mama is,” he said, staring at me with his huge eyes as if they were about to come out of his head.

  “You can’t tell me what to do or what not to do, you ugly face,” I said roughly to him.

          With his mouth open, I could tell he never thought I would say or do something so disrespectful. My mom must have heard our voices outside, and she opened the gray door and saw me and Mr. Robert with a disappointed look standing in front of our tall orange and white house. 

     “What,” my mom asked doubtfully, “is going on here?” 

She stomped her foot.

  “Nothing mom,” I answered quickly.

      “Your girl right there is being rude to me, I asked her to speak with you and she was telling me some nonsense, fok ou kontrole pitit ou a( you need to control your girl) cause I know you didn’t raise her like that,” Mrs. Robert was saying.

Mrs. Robert turned and walked away, leaving me and my mom alone.

           My mom was staring at me.

My head was down.  I couldn’t look into her eyes because I was so scared.

    Jezi kisa mwen pral fè?  Mwen tou mouri ( Jesus what am I supposed to do? I am dead.”) I thought to myself.

There was a silence between us for a couple of seconds.

          “How could you? How could you be so shameless,” she said, looking down on me then paused. ”You cause me such a humiliation, I never thought that about you,” my mom told me.

Tears started to come out of my eyes, I felt so ashamed of myself that I didn’t see anything else to say other than sorry.

         “I’m sorry Mama!  I’m sorry! I’ll never do that again.  I just thought that because of what he did, I thought I would just be mean to him, but I never took my time thinking about my action mom. Mom I’m sorry,” I cried.

         My mom grabbed me and pulled me inside and shut the door behind her.

My mom was so angry she went to her room and didn’t say anything else to me until she fell asleep, she didn’t even ask me what I wanted for dinner. I went to the kitchen just to sit;  I didn’t even think about the food that was on the table. I spent the whole evening not eating anything until the night came. I went to my room to sleep, hoping that tomorrow would come fast and everything would be all in the past.

    The morning after, that was not the case.  I couldn’t open my mouth to say “good morning” like a normal day since the look in my mother’s eyes was the same as the day before.

Ever since that day, whenever my mom has a conflict with someone, I promised myself I would never mind my mom’s business, ever again. I still can not believe I did something so stupid, but I believe that life is made out of mistakes,  we just have to fix them and do our best not to make the same mistake. Since then I have learned from my mistake that adult business has nothing to do with children.

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Kerly D
November 27, 2019 8:07 pm

Dear Chelsie,

I am Kerly, and I am charmed by your story, A sentence you wrote that stands out to me is “A week ago my mom and I were sitting together, I was doing my homework, and my mom was selling clothes in front of the house. Mr Robert, an old friend of the family for a very long time, was passing by and he saw something that attracted him. I bought the clothes from my mom for $ 150, but never paid her for them. pay her the next day, but never did. So since then, I had to avoid him. ” I loved this paragraph of your story because it is something that once in our life will happen to someone.

This reminds me of an experience I once had with a friend in Ecuador, because a friend asked me to lend her $ 5 and never paid me.

Thanks for writing I hope to see what you write next, because I really like how you write your stories because they are so interesting.

From: Kerly Dutan

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