Should We Stop Changing the Clocks? by Ashley P

February 12, 2022


Should We Stop Changing the Clocks?

In the article, ¨Should We Stop Changing the Clocks?” on Upfront (login required), we get two perspectives regarding daylight saving time (DST). Those who believe we should stop changing the clocks have high concerns about the negative effects that come after changing the clocks, even if it’s just two times a year. However, those who believe we should not stop changing the clocks state that there are many advantages in the current time system, such as making full use of daylight all year round.

Do you think we should stop changing the clocks?

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Based on the knowledge I´ve acquired through this article, I believe that we should stop changing the clocks. Scientific research shows that there are multiple bad health consequences that last from days to weeks. Upon that, it interferes with people’s routines, if you barely have the energy to stay awake then there is even less of a chance you´ll keep your daily routine. I am open-minded to both sides, I do think that it is a shame that without DST we would waste such great daylight as we sleep. However, I am not very educated on this matter so I am open to criticism as well.