Should we have bake sales?

One part of me says we should, it makes the school more fun, but the other part of me says is this the healthiest choice? So now we all know what time it is, research time!!

I bet a second grader would say yes immediately, but think about it: it promotes childhood obesity. Massachusetts has permanently banned bake sales from all schools. Now you must be thinking: Wow, they must hate their students. But get this: Michigan has bake sales twice a week. Now that is hating AND hurting their students. You might be like wooooooowwwwwwwwww I want to go to this school. But I bet if they continue this, you can be 200 pounds more. And that can actually happen. There is way healthier choices like whole wheat pumpkin muffins. There is way better choices than having that much sugar in a week.

But let’s think about it. It raises money for many schools and since it sweet a lot of kids would want it. I mean what would you choose: a brownie, or a carrot stick? It helps school get money for supplies like books and laptops. It helps but it doesn’t help your teeth or body. So next time you see a bake sale, ask yourself: Is it the best choice?

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September 25, 2017 4:14 pm

Dear Ramatoulaye, I am intrigued by your post. You made the argument that “should we have bake sales”. I personally agree your statement because I love food too, and it is good for fundraising. Schools is a place for learning but we still need to have fun. If we have bake sales at school, students will enjoy being at schools. Your suggestion that “next time you see a bake sale, ask yourself: Is it the best choice?” is helpful for students and since school offer PE classes, students will be healthy.

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