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Should the work week be four days instead of five? Many people currently work five days a week, which leaves only two days off for families. People are not able to enjoy their time with their families because weekends are  too short. They also don’t have time to see their friends. For example, Muslim people have to leave their job or school on Fridays to observe prayer. How would you feel if you weren’t able to share a special day off with your community? I propose that the government officially change the work week to a four day week. A four day work week would let people be happier and would let companies make more money. 

One reason to adopt a four day work week is that people will do their work better. For example, students will have enough time to do their homework and will have a lot of energy on Monday. I am a Muslim high school student and the schedule is tiring for me. As a Muslim I go the the mosque every Friday. Friday is like a holiday for us and we have to go pray at the mosque only if we have a good reason to not go. For example If I’m sick and I don’t want to pass the disease to other people, then I don’t have to go and school is not an excuse. When people started schools they chose Saturday and Sunday to be the days off because on Sunday many students used to go to church. And now since all people have rights in this country I want my right to go to the mosque on Fridays without having to make up my work. That would help me improve in school because what’s making it hard for me is that I have a lot of work to do that I missed on Fridays. 

One reason for switching to a four day work week is that people will have more time with their families. Imagine having two days to really see your parents. One day you go grocery shopping and you don’t really get to have fun with your family. And the next day you want to hang out with your friends. For example, a four day work week can give parents more time with their children. According to Andrew Barnes, a CEO from New Zealand, there are many benefits to both men and women. “Women — who typically took more time off for caregiving — suddenly had greater flexibility built into their schedule. Men also had more time to help with their families, Barnes says.”

Although some people might argue that companies want people to work five days a week to make more money. However, according to a Japanese study, when workers worked four days a week the company made more money than what it used to make with a five day work week. For example, If you work 5 days a week you will only relax 1 day because the other day you’ll be busy getting things for the house. And that’s why the concept is gaining ground in places as varied as New Zealand and Russia, and it’s making inroads among some American companies. Employers are seeing surprising benefits, including higher sales and profits. Based on the studies that have proven that they do better when they have three days off, so then they deserve to have 3 days off.In conclusion, a four day week is beneficial for people, companies, and schools. The issue of working five days a week is significant because people do not get enough time to themselves. If this problem is not solved, then it won’t only affect employees. It will also affect many companies and employees might change their job and work somewhere where they provide a four day work week.

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Should the Week Be Four Days Instead of Five?

What if You Had a Four-Day Week? Why Don’t You?



  1. issy 5 months ago

    Hello Abdul,
    I was very intrigued by your post of the days of the week. I agree the weekends are too short. What stood out to me the most is when you said “However, according to a Japanese study, when workers worked four days a week the company made more money than what it used to make with a five day work week.” I thought this was surprising because I didn’t think by working less days you could make more money. Not only will you be makw more money but you will be happier and can relax more. Thanks for your post.
    – I.L

  2. Gerardo 6 months ago

    Dear Abdul,

    I am really intrigued by your work “Should the Work Week Be Four Days Instead of Five? because I feel the same way you do all of us need to have more family time. also, many families probably want this because everyone is working hard every day of the week and we need to bond with our loved ones to get closer. Also, One sentence that stood out to me was “For example, If you work 5 days a week you will only relax 1 day because the other day you’ll be busy getting things for the house” because a 2 day weekend isn’t enough time to recharge our batteries and do better in school for example. I believe we need another day to be full of energy the next day to succeed on that specific day. Anyway, I really enjoyed your post I cant wait to write about your future posts.


  3. Katie 6 months ago

    Dear Abdul,
    Your story on the length of the work week intrigued me because I have thought about this topic before myself and totally agree with the implementation of this idea. You have enlightened me on your culture’s work and school week, and I am fascinated by your perspective as a Muslim high school student.

    One thing you said that stands out for me is “I want my right to go to the mosque on Fridays without having to make up my work.” This concept broadened my knowledge because I never thought about how some students do not have the privilege of getting a day off from school for their religious day of worship, like I do as Catholic on Sundays. I can understand how difficult and tiring that must be, and it does seem very unfair.

    Your post is very relatable because it reminds me of what my high school implemented as our school week due to the coronavirus. I have a 4 day work week this year: go to school Monday and Tuesday, stay home Wednesdays because of deep cleaning and a virtual day of clubs, and back to school Thursday and Friday. Honestly, these Wednesdays at home have been extremely beneficial and valuable because they allow me to spend more time with my family than I have ever been able to before during the school year. It also allows for busy student athletes like myself to catch their breath and relax in the middle of the week.

    I definitely agree with your opinions about a 4 day work week because I truly believe it would benefit all of society and have a positive impact on everyone’s mental health, while also strengthening relationships with family and friends.

    Thanks so much for sharing this post!!

  4. Maia 6 months ago

    Hi Abdul!

    I was very intrigued by your post because I, too, think that four-day work weeks are a good implementation to the lives of students and businesses.

    I was fascinated by your perspective on this topic as a Muslim, and I enjoyed reading how a four-day work week would impact something that is so valuable to you.

    Our school currently has a four-day work week where we do not attend school in person on Wednesdays, and I personally think that it has benefited me more than I imagined. I find that the stress of completing homework for a five-day school week has lessened because of this one day off of in-person schooling. Another way that having that extra day off of school can benefit teenagers especially is mental health. As I mentioned earlier, many students experience stress from rigorous workloads, and implementing that four-day work week can relieve some of that stress, which then can affect how we learn. I find that I am able to appreciate what I’m learning even more.

    Most of the people around us have busy lives, and it’s sometimes hard to set aside part of our week to spend time with our loved ones. Having an extra day off of work or school can aid in fostering the relationships we have with the people we care about.

    Thank you for your post, and I look forward to seeing what you write next!

  5. Brooke 6 months ago

    Dear Abdul,

    I am very interested in your post because I have heard this argument from the perspective of a member of the Muslim culture. As a Catholic, I am lucky to have Sunday’s off of school for church, but I never realized that not every religion has this privilege. I completely agree with your argument because I believe that this will open doors for plenty of more social, religious, and familial opportunities.

    One thing you said that specifically stood out was that “the issue of working five days a week is significant because people do not get enough time to themselves.” I think this is very accurate because, especially when I was doing e-learning during the initial COVID-19 outbreak, I experienced this additional me-time and found that I was overall happier. As an athlete with an extensive schedule, I can relate to your lack of time as a result of a five day work week.

    Your post actually reminds me of this school year. My school, which is in person, has dedicated every Wednesday to deep cleaning and virtual club meetings. This day off allows me to get ahead in my school work, participate in more clubs, and spend time with my family and friends. This is something that I would never have imagined to be so helpful, and it has opened dialogue between many faculty members and students.

    Thank you for your project, and I look forward to seeing what you write next because I feel as though this is a very relatable topic that should be talked about, and I appreciated the description of your personal experience regarding this topic.

  6. Sarah 6 months ago

    Interesting post, Abdul.

    You have enlightened me on what it means to be a Muslim high school student, and how it affects your lifestyle. I enjoyed how you connected your situation to the standard five-day workweek. I now know that you miss school in order to go to the mosque every Friday because “Friday is like a holiday for us and we have to go pray at the mosque only if we have a good reason to not go.” You want school to be four days, as it will allow more time for additional lifestyles necessities, such as religious obligations.

    This year, I am virtually attending school while the majority of my classmates have chosen to attend school in-person. My productivity levels are actually higher with my virtual situation, as I do not use time in my day to commute, and I use the six-minute passing period time to complete school work, as I do not have to physically walk to another class in that time each day. This parallels with the research you cited in your post, as it has been observed that a four-day workweek actually leads to higher productivity levels.

    It might be helpful for you to read about Parkinson’s Law, a law that states that work expands to fill the time available for its completion. I’ve known about this law for awhile now, and it is often the reason behind procrastination, as we tend to complete our work towards the end of a deadline. With a five-day workweek, this law presents itself quite often; if a paper is assigned on Monday and it is due on Friday, then we are given too much time and we end up becoming distracted from working on the paper earlier in the week. A four day work-week might help to combat this problem, as the condensing of work time will mean that more work is done in that shorter window.

    Thank you for your writing, I look forward to seeing what you write next because you give insight into how the topic you research impacts your own lifestyle. I will definitely see what you continue to write because you provide ample amounts of research into your post. I enjoy the concrete evidence behind your claim that we, as a society, ought to change our current work calendar.

    Parkinson’s Law:'s%20Law%20is%20the%20old,for%20the%20Economist%20in%201955.


  7. Kaileigh 6 months ago

    Dear Abdul,
    Your story on the length of the work week intrigued me very much. I was very interested on your points regarding the Muslim culture, as I have never heard this argument from that perspective. I also thought your argument was set up very well because you included a rebuttal to the other sided argument by talking about the prospect of companies actually making more money. I would love to have a four day week personally because family time is very important to me yet I work on the weekends. Thank you for writing this article, and I look forward to hearing what you write next!

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