I think that the U.S. should continue its use of drones because it makes the U.S. a safer place. In the article Should the United States Continue Its Use of Drone Strikes Abroad? ProCon.org argues both sides to using drone strikes. Drone strikes make the United States safer by decimating terrorist networks across the world. Drone attacks in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia have killed close to 3,500 militant including dozens of high level commanders implicated in organizing plots against the United States. On the other hand though drone strikes create more terrorists than they kill. People who see their loved ones killed or injured in drone attacks become motivated to join actions against the United States. In all I think that we should continue using drone strikes because a military without a strong leader will be nothing. With our drone strikes killing so many terrorists I believe we should continue our drone strikes.

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January 12, 2018 6:49 am

Thanks Jack for your post! I’ve always found it interesting and kind of scary how the US can basically send a highly accurate bomb anywhere in the world at anytime to spy on or kill anyone. Technology is truly a terrifying things and whether or not we should use to its full use is up for grabs at some times. The use of drones so far has been in my opinion responsible and used for the right purposes to protect our people however, its when the use of drones becomes much more prevalent and efficient I fear. Also just like any technology, things can go wrong and innocent people can be killed which is pointed out in this article


Is the potential loss of innocent life worth it? I don’t know but we will have to see how the future plays out because I’m sure we will be seeing many more drones in the future.

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