When it comes to drinking in my opinion I believe that things should stay the way they have already been established. Laws have been made for a reason, and these laws are here to allow us to be more safe, and make  better choices. I come from a culture and family where being handed a beer at the age of 10 is normal and encouraged. From what I’ve seen the only good that comes from drinking at all in the first place is addiction, anger, laziness , and distancing oneself from those that are simply just trying to help. If it’s difficult for an adult to know when enough is enough at times, it may not be the wisest choice to put a newly turned 18-year-old under the pressure of having to make that decision.

According to John Cloud in writing the article Should the drinking age be lowered? He mentions how binge drinking is a problem at such a young age but that looking at statistics today much doesn’t show that things have gotten worse since the age has been raised. The other concept he puts in is that if the age is lowered to 18 who is going to provide that supervision that might be needed at times. Especially in cases when driving. He claims that countries that haven’t raised their drinking ages saw their drunk-driving fatalities drop even faster than in the U.S.. All in all yes these are issues but he says that lowering the drinking age is going to far.

But there definitely can always be more than one side to a question, and in the case of Gabrielle Glaser  why it is that things might be better if the drinking age where to be lowered down to the age of 18.

According to Gabrielle Glaser in her article Return the drinking age to 18, and enforce it. She states that she believes that it would be better to keep the age at 18 because then we could teach people to drink more responsibly at a younger age. Getting the morals in before they fully mature. And that this will be able to enormously enhance public health. She also states that at 18 years of age one is mature enough to make decisions like drinking on their own. Facing one’s owns consequences and being aware of what they are getting themselves into.



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