A highly populated topic in the United States is whether the government should provide healthcare to the people or not? There are many debates that argue whether they should or should not provide to the people. The topic is based on personal opinion when discussing the topic, either you support the government giving us free healthcare or you oppose of the topic. In this article I will be viewing both sides of the spectrum from agreeing or disagreeing with the subject of government providing healthcare.

For people who agree, that healthcare should be provided has a question that is continuously asked. what if someone could not simply afford Healthcare? It is a necessity, and everyone is entitled to it. It is a basic right for all individuals to have the options to do. People who are too poor to afford healthcare utilize Emergency rooms and Emergency care, without the ability to pay for incredibly high medical bills. Those bills go unpaid, leaving the rest of the population with higher bills to cover those costs. Giving people healthcare will allow people to support families who are sick and in need of such care.

On the opposing side, where free healthcare should not be provided. Many may argue, It is way too costly and is only putting the government into more debt. people shouldn’t be forced into buying healthcare if they feel they don’t need it. It drives up taxes, it’s basically useless for regular doctors appointments. With providing healthcare all other expenses go up in which it will cause the government to be in even more debt then we are already in. providing one thing to others will cause another thing in the economy prices to go up.

Viewing the Pros and cons of providing healthcare to the people. You look and see how it could benefit not only yourself and others but, how it could affect the likely cost of other things. this debate has been a hot topic for years now on whether the people should be provided or not with healthcare. A personal opinion is the buy out factor for this debate. A supporter or not of the topic it will be a continuous debate between the people, if it should be provided or not.


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January 29, 2018 3:37 pm

This is a hot topic in America and your article does a really good job of showing both sides of the argument. I like how rather than just displaying one side of the argument, you showed both perspectives and allow people to make their decisions on their own. This article is really well written, and does a good job of tackling a big social issue. This article I found shows some more information on whether or not the government should provide healthcare for the American people. You should check it out! https://healthcare.procon.org/

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