The bullet train is a high speed train that is specially designed to travel twice as fast from point A to point B than a car, engineers are looking to build this bullet train in California, by building the bullet train will make the U.S stated appear higher due to the transportation diversity. The bullet train had not being built before because California did not want to because they said they thought it was not needed, people were saying that the bullet train was not needed because they have other traveling methods, such as air planes, trains and boats this is very controversial because they are all used for travel purposes, it was also not built before because of funding issues California did not have enough money to start a bullet train construction. The population will gain a much newer and fastest and modern train in the world, this can also gain faster transportation and better prices, the bullet train will be a lot cheaper than a roundtrip of an airplane or even driving in a car. A bullet train ticket you would not have to pay any exorbitant last minute fares, this benefits people who want to travel fast and people who have to travel due work or business, but that only applies to a small amount of people that will use.

There are many pieces to California’s transportation system, public options include busses, cars, subway trains, metrolink, San Diego trolley, Sacramento RT Light rail, Ac Transit, bridges,  greyhound, and BART. According to the transportation infrastructure in  California most of these transportation methods are not going to be well maintained because the budget that the California got is too small to fix what is used and needed the most. For example, BART is one of the most used transportation methods by people who commute in the bay area due to work or just for personal use. That usage is 60,000 every day.

The cost of the construction of the bullet train is about $68 billion, due to such of high price taxes might increase and prices will go up. Reason Report Done by a Foundation called California High speed Rail which was an Updated Due Diligence Report  source written in 2013, when the bullet train plans started. The idea of writing this Diligence Report was to show people that the bullet train will be expensive at first, but it will be cheaper in the future. This report also talks about how faster it would be to get from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and it says that it will only take two hours and a half, written by Joseph Vranich and Wendell Cox. This executive summary that says that this report was written to inform people in 2008 that the changes were going to be stated to the public in between 2008 – 2012, with the purpose to inform people that there will be a few changes with the plan of building a high speed rail between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The estimated cost will be around $63.2 billion in 2011 inflation adjusted dollars, and the only source of founding is 1A general obligation and they are giving $9 billion and $3.5 billion of federal grants (3), With this much money it is possible to buy 669 Tesla cars that cost $101,500.

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