Should students wear uniforms? by Dakota

November 5, 2019


Should students wear uniforms?

  In regards to schools making students wear a uniform, I disagree with the idea that it makes schools safer. The main issue that I see from everyone dressing the same is in regards to the student and their ability to express themselves as they choose to. Students should have the ability to dress as they choose too. Having the ability to be comfortable and confident would, in my opinion would boost confidence and allow others to get an idea of your personality, because it shows a great deal in how you dress. Also the idea that it decreases bullying is not true, just because all the students dress the same does not mean that bullies will act any different because not everyone looks the same in a uniform and some look better than others that’s just how it is.

    I read another article in favor of the matter and i still disagree after reading. One thing that I definitely did not agree with is the idea that it makes getting ready in the morning easier. This personally wouldn’t be a problem for me especially because I wear a lot of the same type of clothes just with different variations that usually match. I think this is the case for most people and you can always just pick it out the night before as well. I would rather go through the process of finding a tshirt and a pair of pants that I like a lot more than picking of the same uniform everyday, id feel more confident and be able to express myself.

    In regards that it makes everyone look the same and evens out the playing field for everyone, that is not the case. Someone will always have nicer shoes, or wear jewelry that is nicer than someone else. There is no way to fully grasp this, and I am glad to see that some people still give their own flare and style to the uniform because i do as well. Back in regards to the lack of expression, i feel like schools already have too much control of their students so adding rules about what they look like everyday is unnecessary.