In the article ” A day off for Mental Health” I read that students have moments where they feel like the whole world is coming down on them. Many teenagers have a long schedule and have to follow the same routine everyday that it gets to the pont where is it very hard to handle and keep going.Many students are facing high level of stress that some states are allowing students to declare a mental health day. In 2022 a Mental Health advocacy group interviewed students with the top 3 things that would be helpful for their mental health and many of them said they would a day to take a mental health break or absence from school.

After reading this article I believe that having mental health days would really help many students out. It is very difficult to go to school 5 times a week and if there was a way for students to just take a break once and a while to keep their minds healthier mental health days would be perfect. Especially since the whole pandemic has caused a lot of harm taking a day off from school would ease the minds of those who are going through a difficult time.

What do you think about schools having a day off for mental health?

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April 26, 2022 9:12 pm

Dear Sayra,
I am moved by your post on should schools provide days off for mental health because it makes sense not a lot of people know that teens need breaks sometimes. So I think it would be really beneficial. I am sure we will see improvements in our grades because we will be able to have time to rest our minds and still do our work on the day off.

One sentence that stands out to me is “Many teenagers have a long schedule and have to follow the same routine everyday that it gets to the point where is it very hard to handle and keep going” The reason this stood out to me because as a student athlete I know how hard it was to have to do things in a regierous schedule or else I will fall behind in classes and in soccer.

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