It is no secret that our 1st amendment has been debated on whether it should be limited or not, especially in schools, due to school threats, cyberbullying, etc. Though I believe online speech should not be limited because it is our 1st amendment right, as well as shelter students, and because social media can be positive.

The 1st amendment is our right. Which means by no means can it be violated or taken away from us. Limiting online speech will ultimately defeat the purpose of having free online speech. In document F it states, “…any restriction specifically aimed at limiting the free speech rights.. is a step in the wrong direction.” As you can see from this quote, it demonstrates the idea that any restriction is not a good idea because it is not keeping the ideals of the constitutional framework. A case where we see a school violate a student’s free speech rights were in document D. In this document we see J.S which is a student, get suspended for creating a MySpace profile making fun of her middle school principal. She was to receive a 10 day out of school suspension. Though the United States Court of Appeals stated, “…the School District violated J.S.”s First Amendment free speech rights when it suspended her for creating the profile.” This shows that the school was in violation of her 1st amendment, which caused them to lose the case.

We live in a world, where everything is not just unicorns and rainbows and there are going to be times when people are going to have not so nice things to say about you. Which brings up my next point that students or anyone, can continue being sheltered. This idea of limiting free speech would only shelter students from the hate there is around the world. Which is why it should not be limited and stay as is, because everyone is going to face hard times. For example, document G states, “Harassing conduct may take many forms, including verbal acts and name-calling; graphic and written statements, which may include use of cell phones or the Internet.” This shows the different types of possible abuse people could face. So not limiting free speech will shelter students from not being so sensitive to possible hate they could get in or outside of school.

Lastly, schools should not limit online free speech, because social media can be positive. It can be positive in the fact that not everything on social media is negative. If you are getting comments or texts, you can easily block that number so you won’t have to see it pop up on your phone. Additionally, document F states, “Yet there is very little research to suggest the dangers to young people are dramatically worse online than offline.”  Here we can see that the internet and social media are not proven to be a dangerous place where they can receive hate. A lot of hate happens offline anyways, and possibly more than online. 

In conclusion, schools should not limit online speech because it is our 1st amendment, it shelters students, and because social media can be positive. The 1st amendment was given as a right that cannot be forbidden, and by no means can anyone take that away from us. Having online speech not be limited will shelter students to become more mentally strong, as this will only make them stronger. Lastly, social media can be positive, and in many ways can have positive impacts. All in all, school online speech should not be limited for these reasons.

Limits by emily.dowdle on 2015-02-25 07:26:05

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