Do you think cyberbullying should be limited? Cyberbullying has been going on for many years and many people have committed suicide due to the fact that they’re being bullied or offender through the internet. Cyberbullying might not seem like a big deal for many, but if people get affected the same way someone does when being bully physically. Cyberbullying and physically bullying both have the same consequences and it can ruin someoneś happiness. So, this is why I believe that cyberbullying should be limited because people take their own lifes away, can affect school hours, and victims will fear to come to school.

Cyberbullying should be limited because there has been many people who commit suicide because they actually end up believing the negative comments being directed to them. In a study conducted by the Cyberbullying Research Center, we learn that harassing may take many forms including verbal acts, name calling, graphic and written statements which may be through cell phones and internet. This has come to my concern because many people are scared to speak up or talk to someone about what they are facing. Why? They are scared because they feel that they are not going to be heard or that no one will help them. Instead they feel like they will be judge more or that no one cares about them if they don’t help. For this reason is why many victim decide to commit suicide because they believe thatś the only way out of their pain, but people need to be there for each other because we never know what others might be going through and if they need someone to just be there for them to save them for committing something they really don’t want to.

Cyberbullying can also affect school hours because if a student or teacher is a victim of cyberbullying, he/she will not be able to concentrate on the material being taught for this reason cyberbullying should be limited. In a letter written to school administrators, the US Department of Education Office for Civil Rights asserted that a school should be responsible for addressing harassment incidents and do something about it to help the victim feel safe and that he/she matters. The reason that schools want to keep students safe because they want them to have a happy life and good memories. This has made a big impact to many school´s because in many schools it has reduced.

Victims may fear to attend school when experiencing cyberbullying because they feel like they are being judged by everyone and they feel followed so therefore, they won’t feel safe anywhere but home alone. In a statement submitted to the Congressional Subcommittee Hearing on Cyberbullying, the ACLU wrote that females experience more cyberbullying than males. Females get bullied more because they get more emotional and the males don´t take it to heart but there’s guys that are sensitive but that alright. The good thing about schools is that there might be bad things but there’s also good things that happened, you could make good memories.

Overall, there has to be solutions to helping victims facing cyberbullying or any type of bullying to avoid someone from committing suicide, fearing going out, and being unfocus in their daily routine. Cyberbullying does not only affect the victim. Sometimes it affects the people around them too because sometimes a parent or friend might feel useless because they don’t know how to help their child or friend deal with the bad experience.

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February 27, 2019 3:19 pm

I agree that Cyberbullying should be limited and I feel that the parents of the kid that are getting cyber bullied should address the issue to the school. If they address the problems to the school, then school can be involved and they would be able to sit down and help the situation. I feel that the administration has a big part in this and they should find solution to solve this problem.

February 20, 2019 9:13 pm

Dear Kevin
I agree with your essay to “Should Schools Be Allowed to Limit Students’ Online Speech” because many people have been severely impacted by cyberbullying. I also agree that there are many consequences to cyber bullying and schools should make an effort to stop or limit cyberbullying from happening. One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is “Victims may fear to attend school when experiencing cyberbullying because they feel like they are being judged by everyone and they feel followed so therefore, they won’t feel safe anywhere but home alone”. The reason why it stood out to me was because I believe that victims would be affected by the bullying and would result in unusual behavior. Many students would most likely miss school due and would affect their academic performance. Overall I agree that cyberbullying has significantly impacted the lives of many students and cyberbullying must be limited. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I really find it interesting the topics you write about. Your topic is an issue that many students are currently dealing with and I find it very important that people are informed of what is happening.
Edger Marquez

February 20, 2019 8:53 pm

Dear Kevin:
I am showing the same amount of emotion with your response on students with limited speech because I
strongly agree with your statement. Your statements are very dauntless and important due to the fact this is a main issue to our society. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “Cyberbullying and physically bullying both have the same consequences and it can ruin someoneś happiness”(1).This quote signifies a lot because it’s letting the reader know that cyberbullying can ruin someones happiness. This can cause someone else to harm themselves. Thank you for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I enjoyed what you wrote about this topic and made me be very interested in what you had to say about If schools should limit students online speech.

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