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November 9, 2021 1:57 am

Dear Alyssa,

In the article, “Should Schools Be Allowed to Limit students’ online speech,” I learned that the author believes online speech should be very limited for all the mishaps it causes of lack of self-confidence, performance in school, and is a general widespread problem that happens too often. Cyberbullying gets played off very often and may not be taken as seriously since it is not physically stated or there is no physical abuse happening but it can be very harmful to people’s mental state. Not only do you start feeling unmotivated at school but at home too. 

I think with these reasonings it is very clear as to why many would want to limit the speech shared in schools and would want more rules enforced with school and on cyberbullying. It must be difficult dealing with these problems on your own or someone not understanding what it is you going through and may feel like everyone is against you. It’s sad to see how many get pushed so far that they feel the need to do harm.

How can we improve cyberbullying?

November 20, 2019 8:31 pm

Looking back at the second paragraph opening sentence I understood that students may feel like their speech is limited making it hard for them to express themselves and that, “that’s the main reason why it should be limited”. I feel like there should be restrictions to their speech such as restricting name calling or true threatening comments; however social media is now used for big forms of activism. I am actually using social media to make a stand against bullying right now, so I think that if we truly limited the freedom of speech we have now on social media, teenagers could be restricted from reform movements because that is a way we express ourselves now. So I wonder if you could maybe remove the phrase “express themselves” and replace it with something more direct in the sense that the speech you’d like to be limited is strictly words of attack against another person? I truly thought that this was a moving article and believe that cyberbullying is a problem today that we need to choose, so I appreciate this article by bringing awareness to the issue.

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