In the article “ Are Pro Athletes Overpaid?” I learned that pro athletes are highly paid. There are some who think they are paid way more than people who save lives, school teachers, and emergency nurses. Jesse Spector a sportswriter thinks they should pay a special tax that would help fund better salaries for those who save lives because he thinks pro athletes get paid too much just to toss a ball around. However, it’s important to remember that those athletes are an essential part of profitable companies. Without the players, the famous leagues wouldn’t exist. Millions of people wouldn’t waste their time and money if it weren’t for these professional athletes that worked hard to get where they are now.

I think pro athletes are not overpaid they put their lives on the line some of these sports can be dangerous if you think about it. The truth is though some of these professional athletes get highly paid because people are happy to pay money to be entertained by their favorite teams and sports play. 

Do you think pro athletes are overpaid?



  1. Luisa 1 week ago

    Dear Ashley:
    I don’t agree with you that athletes aren’t overpaid because athletes get contracts with millions of dollars while people like health care workers, social workers get paid less. I understand they put their life on the line to get a chance to play the sport they love and show off to the world their talent but what about the healthcare worker? they should at least be paid very well not the same as Athletes but have a reasonable and good price income.
    Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I like hearing different opinions from others and I liked how you gave the reason as to why you believe this.

  2. Maggie 3 weeks ago

    Ashley, I really enjoyed your post about the salary of professional athletes. In the midst of the pandemic as an avid baseball fan myself, I have found myself debating between the same question; however, I never considered the companies behind the players. While personally, I cannot see the salaries changing in the future, I believe the wages should be more evened out between the two professions.

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