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In the article, “School Social Media Free Speech Case” I learned that people have different overviews on whether or not your school has control over the things that are posted on their students’ social media platforms. This discussion has opened parents’ eyes and made them take their child’s privacy more seriously as on the other hand, parents are agreeing with the method of letting schools take control of what their child posts on social media. The district placed a poll where parents voted whether or not the school administrators have power over their students’ social media posts. The votes came out to 50/50, keep in mind that only three people voted yes and three people voted no, regarding the amount of students that are in that school. It did not make much of an impact on the school’s regulations.

What do you think about this method?x

I personally agree with the fact that schools should not have power over their students’ social media platforms considering that it’s their social media as well as a folder of privacy. I take into consideration how long students are at school, I would not want to go home after being at school for 8 hours and still be worried about the school watching me. Therefore, I disagree with the method of letting the school have power over their students’ social media. 

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October 19, 2021 3:21 pm

Hello Sophia. I am completely agree with you because school will have too much power over and we will not have our privacy. Our privacy should be ours not others. This is great post. Thank you for brining up this topic!

September 17, 2021 7:51 pm

This was a very interesting topic to pick. When talking about things like this it is often hard to decide if this is wrong or right. I see both sides to why parents have mixed feelings about this. One concern can be bullying, harassment, and threats. But another one is an invasion of privacy.This was great information. Great job!

September 17, 2021 5:49 pm

I thought this was a super interesting article, and I agree with the idea that schools should not have control over a student’s social media. Social media has the option to be private for a reason, and what a student does outside of school should not be the school’s business. Forcing students to let the schools see/take control of students’ social media will lead to more rebellious students and most likely students that actively disobey the school’s rules. Social media is a place for students to connect without feeling pressure from their school or parents, and I agree that it should stay that way.

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