Should parents hide things from their children? Personally, I do think parents should hide certain things from their children until an appropriate time. Parents’ main goal is to keep their children safe and sometimes hiding things will keep their kids safe. Parents want to protect their childhood innocence as long as possible and sometimes kids don’t have the maturity to tell them everything. 

Certain topics could affect them mentally and cause long-term mental health. At a young age, kids don’t have the maturity to understand adult topics, so it’s best for parents to not say everything. When you are trying to communicate with your young child you should talk to them in an age-appropriate way, to where they understand. In the article How Parents Affect Their Child’s Mental Health, Integris Health states, “Each time a child faces a difficult challenge, whether it’s family turmoil or emotional distress, it takes a toll on them in a variety of ways”. This quote is pointing out that difficult challenges and big events can cause children to have emotional stress and affect them mentally. This is why parents should think about what and how they are sharing things with their children. Communication is key, parents know their children the best so they should know when it’s right to share things. 

Parents don’t always know whether to keep things from their kids or tell them. In the article How Much of the Truth Should You Tell Your Kids? Dr. Gadhia-Smith says “In general, it is not advisable to lie, however, it is not always advisable to tell all either. Parents should really think about what they will say to their kids before they say it. It’s important for parents to talk to their kids if they feel it’s right. Big events that happen in a parent’s life shouldn’t be pushed to their kids. That can be overwhelming for a child, so parents should find outside support and not put everything on their kids. 

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