In the article ¨Should Paid Sick Days Be Required?” by Patt Murray and James Lanckford it argues whether sick days are paid.  Most U.S. companies offer their employees a certain number of days that they can stay home if they’re sick and still get paid but not all. Some argue that for these 34 million workers without paid sick days, getting sick means having to choose between taking the day off to get well and losing a paycheck—or going into work sick and risking the health of themselves, their colleagues, and their community.Never has our country so desperately needed a paid sick leave policy than during the coronavirus crisis.

If more workers had been able to stay home when they were sick without losing a paycheck, we could have significantly reduced the spread of the coronavirus at the beginning of this pandemic. However others argue that in the world of work, people also get sick and have to stay home, but the work still has to be done, and it’s not right to get paid for work you didn’t do. That’s why the government shouldn’t require employers to pay workers when they call in sick.

Paid sick days are a benefit that companies of all sizes use to attract the best employees. When a company provides paid vacation days, a cell phone, or paid sick leave, people want to work there. But when companies are young or very small and don’t have as big a budget to spend on these kinds of perks, should the government mandate that every business still provide paid sick leave? No.

I thought this article was interesting and overall I agree with both perspectives. Paid sick leave should be paid because of the pandemic precautions but it shouldn’t be mandated for  every business depending on its economic situation.

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November 9, 2020 7:08 am

Dear Alondra,
I am intrigued to your post and i agree that there should be paid sick days because you mentioned, ”Paid sick days are a benefit that companies of all sizes use to attract the best employees.” In these moments is when we need to get paid for sick days because we are having a difficult times and were not use to this situation.
Sincerely Rosa

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