In the article “Should Paid Sick Days Be Required” is about Patty Murray who says the people should get paid sick days and James Lankford who disagrees. There has been a lot of jobs who don’t have paid sick days but ever since the pandemic hit there have been lawmakers that ask the federal government if paid sick days are required now. Murray says that for the people that don’t have paid sick days they would have to either take the day off or losing a paycheck. It’s usually the people who are low income that are struggling to make ends meet. Providing paid sick days can decrease the spread of the flu. She believes that if paid sick days were offered there wouldn’t been so much cases of COVID. On the other hand Lankford disagrees. Lankford believes that you shouldn’t get paid for a job that you didn’t do. When people are applying to jobs and sees that the job offers paid sick days they want to take it. But there are business that don’t offer them and it’s usually small business. Lankford says that if they government mandates paid sick days the small business won’t have money to cover it and will be hard for the business to grow.

In my opinion I say that business should offer paid sick days. I say this because it can prevent the spread of the flu. Especially since COVID there have been so many people that had to spend weeks in their home quarantined. During those weeks how are they going to pay bills if they were sick and didn’t receive a paycheck? I know there are so many people that claim that they are sick but just want to take the day off. I believe a solution to this would to have a doctors note so that there was proof that you were sick and you can get your paid sick day.

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