In the article I read on medical marijuana they stated that the FDA has not listed medical marijuana as an approved drug because the FDA has to do extensive tests and processes. This article also listed a lot of the conditions it can help such as chronic pain, seizures, immune system diseases and a list of mental disorders. There are also some explanations between the difference between CBD and THC the two main components of marijuana and how they affect the body differently.

According to the article on the legal drinking age, I found that after states adopted the 21-year-old law that drinking both under and above decreased by up to 50%. More information given in this article was about how it is a public hazard to allowing the younger population to drink because it can cause more reckless behavior and can lead to alcohol poisoning. The biggest reason given in the article was how the brain does not fully develop before the age of 25 which does not allow people under that age to make informed decisions.

In an additional article, I read they stated the fact that legalizing medical marijuana reduces the use of prescription drugs which would lead to a decrease in the opioid epidemic. Also, the legalization of medical marijuana has not led to increased use in minors. This is because with it being more monitored and having to go through a physician and doctor to access the medical products.

Image credit: Medical Marijuana by “Caveman Chuck” Coker on 2009-03-25 20:37:16

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November 25, 2019 3:27 am

Hey Nic,

Your article was very interesting. I feel like legalizing medical marijuana would be beneficial for many people who are in need of it.

Here is a link that I think will interest you and about your topic of discussion:

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