Should Marijuana be Legalized by alex

January 21, 2020


Should Marijuana be Legalized

Medical marijuana legalization is one of the hot topics in politics in recent years. With more states making the substance legal, awareness of legalization issues has grown significantly. The problem with the lack of “technical” knowledge is the FDA classifying marijuana as a schedule 1 drug. This means that in order to test it for medical purposes, a special licence is required to do so. Because of this it is only been approved by the FDA for two rare forms of epilepsy, but that could change in the coming years

Marijuana has many pros as well as the fact that they have many cons as well, which is why so many people are skeptical about its legalization. But the things I have found seem to show that the pros outweigh the cons. Some pros that come up frequently for people arguing for the legalization are things like the fact that cannabis does not necessarily need to be smoked, there are now cbd oils, creams, edibles, and many other ways of consuming. Marijuana can help with many forms of chronic pain, help with appetite loss in HIV/AIDS patients and decrease nausea caused by chemotherapy for cancer patients. These are just a few of the many benefits that cannabis possesses.

 There are still cons to marijuana, in which some of the people against it use to make their arguments. Such as Frequent use can impair your cognitive abilities, they can affect short and long term memory and when smoked can cause damage to your lung tissue but most importantly can get you to become addicted, which is the biggest risk for marijuana users. 

These are all valid points but when you compare these views to things that are currently legal, such as alcohol and cigarettes, it is hard to make and argument when people’s free will is the deciding factor. Also for most people who are supporters say that the pros and what they get out of it outweigh the cons by a long shot, especially if the person uses in a responsible manner and does not abuse it. And on the other side they argue that while their might be more pros and cons, the cons are much more risky and could ultimately lead to injury or death