In the article, “Should Financial Literacy Be Required?” I learned two sides to this debt. On one side financial literacy is beneficial to students who are struggling to make ends meet. Morrison states, ” Would you send athletes into a game without any practice? Hand kids a library card but not teach them to read? Give them the car keys without teaching them how to drive? Of course not. Yet we let students slide into adulthood without learning the basics of personal finance.” To allow young adults to succeed finically teaching them how is important. on the other hand in the article, I learned that it doesn’t matter if students are taught financial literacy they are gonna spend their money how they please.

I think students should be taught financial literacy in school. It has been proven that students benefited from this class. I would agree although ive never taken a financial literacy class I think it could be a great asset to learn even the basics as I’m one of these people who aren’t furniture to know much about financial literacy. but I would want to level out the playing field.

What do you think Should Financial Literacy Be Required?




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