Many people think yes, they should be removed,and others disagree. So much so that in 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia an anti racism protest was killed by a white supesmissest, over the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. I believe that this should have never happened and no one should have died that day over a statue. I feel deeply for this lost life and their family. 

However I do not think that all of these statues should be destroyed like this. I think that these monuments show a part in our history that we should acknowledge and learn from. . “These memorials recognize critical figures and events in our nation’s history. Removing them would be like ignoring or hiding a chapter of the past.” ( you decide BTW). Some people think that people who do not like them should not have to look at them everyday as they go about their daily lives. To this I say that rather than being destroyed we should move the ones that can be seen as offensive into museums so that those who still wish to learn about our history can go and study them. “Offensive memorials would not have to be destroyed; rather, they can be relocated to private places such as museums, where people can choose to go and see them–and possibly learn more about the history of the events being presented”( you decide BTW).

I agree parts of our Country’s past are dark and should not have happened but we need to keep these reminders around not to cause trauma but to remember and learn from  our past so that nothing like that’ll ever happen again in our country’s future. We must learn and grow from our past, not hide  it and act like it never happened. What do you think would you like to see these statues be removed or would you visit them in a museum? 

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