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In the article “You Decide: Should Community College Be Free?” (BTW, Oct 27, 2022, You Decide) I learned that some people think that community college should be free because some people can’t afford to pay for it and it won’t be easy to find a way so some think it’s a better idea for a community college to be free. Just having to live in a close town to where you will be going to community college it will be free so some think it’s better to go to community college.

I think it’s a good idea because some people can’t afford it and it won’t be easy for some people since they won’t have a way to pay for it. It will be the best thing for people that want to get a career and that want to have a job. It will also be better for the people that didn’t get the opportunity that wanted to go to college and also know what they want to study. The presidents will be doing a big thing for people if they do this change and people get to go to community college for free.

Is it a good opportunity to have a community college for free?

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November 29, 2022 2:56 am

Dear, Geraldine

I am strongly impressed by your article “should community college be free” because I agree with you stating that community college can be expensive for some people and those people struggle to pay their needs. Since a community college is just about 2 years long I believe it should be as expensive as where students can find a dime to pay there learning education, instead, I believe they should be getting extra help from the community college since the students will head straight over to a 4-year university where prices are more understandable to be more price or they may be heading straight over to there dream job? career.
One sentence that you said that caught my attention is”I think it’s a good idea because some people can’t afford it and it won’t be easy for some people since they won’t have a way to pay for it.” the reason it caught my attention is that I agree with you I hear it personally from many community college students saying that they stress out with there school work and sometimes they do have a job. Still, sometimes the students have to provide for there own families .

Thank you for your time I appreciate you for writing I really enjoyed learning about this topic especaiily since I am a senior in high school its good to learn these things .

Blanca Sosa .

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