Should college athletes be paid? by Nathan

February 7, 2017


Should college athletes be paid?

Recently in the world of sports, a question has arisen that ten years ago would’ve seemed utterly disgraceful to even mention.  The question of whether college athletes should be paid is a fair one however.  People make money off of them, so shouldn’t the get a little of that money?  As an avid sports fan, this topic is of great interest to me.  Many big time division one colleges generate millions of dollars on their football and basketball programs alone.  While much of the money goes into the school and into better equipment, there is some left for profit.  The life of the student athlete is a challenging one, often double as hard as the life of a normal college student.  This arises the question that if these individuals are working their tails off and people are benefiting from it, shouldn’t the athlete benefit from it too?  There are many pros and cons to each side.  College athletes put themselves on the line and risk injury for others enjoyment, however if we payed them for that, the purity of the sports would be at risk.  Many of the athletes are also already on scholarship, and it is very hard to pay all the student athletes who don’t bring in the big time money.  This is a debate that seemingly has no end in sight.