Should civilians be able to travel to space?  by Nichole

November 12, 2021


Should civilians be able to travel to space? 

Everyone dreams of being an Astronaut, and now it’s even more of a possibility to be one more than ever. In YOU DECIDE: Civilian Space travel by BTW it talks about the pros and cons of it. 

I think that it is so cool that this is a possibility but others do not, some might say that it takes a lot of training “The training to go into space is extensive”. They are not wrong but the people going into space are paying a lot of money to do so. “While expensive, space travel can be used for philanthropic purposes’ ‘ the people who do this cover their costs, even though it costs a lot of money. 

What do you think about citizens being able to buy a spot on a spaceship?

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Some people might want to go for fun but by doing this, we could also extend out knowledge about how humans respond to being in space, “Civilians in space can also provide important research into human health and the effects of zero gravity on the body.” This would be super beneficial to our knowledge of the human body.