Dear Mr/Mrs President,

On average, one of every five adults in the United States and one of every five children in the United States, suffers from a mental illness of some sort in any given year. Though, despite this, only 25 percent of people with a physiological condition feel that others understand and feel compassion about the illness the person has. That includes people who have anywhere from just Generalized Anxiety, to Post Traumatic Stress and Schizophrenia, tied together as wrong or bad. It’s something we all know exist around us all, but the real question is: Why do we keep letting the numbers grow of people having such a negative impact throughout their lives that may drive them to do irreversible things? We should all be working on trying to make this not an issue to face, for the people close to you to everyone else who faces it alone.

Mental illness as a whole costs the United States 193.2 billion dollars in lost earnings every year. Which is a lot for the United States to handle losing for a lot of its population. As many people, mostly adolescence to younger adults have to face such issues, many issues come from that. For example, 70% of youth in state and local juvenile justice systems for a crime have a mental illness. Once they get there, they struggle to survive the harsh justice system. Then we get to the 3rd leading cause of death in the United states as a whole, Suicides.

90 percent of those suicides that happens, the person was dealing with a mental illness, with in mind only 60 percent of adults even get treatment and 50 percent for children. People expect others just to have this problem and just to be able to fix it themselves as they don’t see any actual evidence of it existing unless it gets to the point of cutting, which may already be too late for them.

What needs to be done is to help these people and not to act like it don’t exist. People are so willing to just put these stereotypes on these people who have problems that they can’t just fully take in their hands and people treating them like trash may just push more people over the edge. It may be hard since people can always place judgement right away to anyone, especially if they seem more odd to the naked eye, but it’s more of people trying to accept everyone and try to help out people around us so we can all our lives like it should be, being happy.


Macie Moore


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October 27, 2017 8:15 pm

I agree with what you’re saying about the fact that mental illness is a huge concept and then mental illnesses cause huge issues in the U.S such as suicide , failing school, quitting a job, etc. It is also something that does not get payed much attention to or gets pushed off to the side. There are also many times where a mental illness is not believed.

That being said you say that it needs to be fixed and these numbers need to stop growing but that just isn’t really something that can be done. Mental illness is sometimes genetic or something that was caused by life events and those are just things that are inevitable. Also, not everyone has access to therapy.

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