We have seen how the news has portrayed the weapons used in shootings around the US and around the world. We have seen how the politicians have portrayed them. Their view on weapons are not favorable to some. There is one thing that some politicians and others who align with their views is that you cannot and will not take away the weapons that we have been given the right to use and possess. Now the ways the weapons are used in some situations are tragic or sad but you cant take away weapons because it was used in something like a shooting. Because nothing good happens from rushing anything especially policy and doctrine. Now you may not agree with my opinion or standing on the issue but I want you as a person sit back and see what you can do without rushing stuff through without a proper thought process. You will not infringe upon the american rights given to us by the founding fathers.


-Quinton Shipley

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March 23, 2018 3:31 am

Quinton I can agree with your response even if it is not a popular thought. “We have seen how politicians portray them.” It is true than many people try to force the thought that guns are only deadly and laws should be strict but they do also over look the good things that responsible people can do. Your opinion is a thoughtful on that some may very well disagree with but thank you for sharing your opinion.

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